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September 4.1993-The opening ceremony of the Seventh National Games

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September 4, 1993 (July 18) 癸酉 Seventh National Games opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the Seventh National Games
The opening ceremony of the Seventh National Games

Seventh National Games opening ceremony September 4, 1993 at the Beijing Workers' Stadium was held. Seventh National Games for the first time by a number of co-host, is divided into two main stadium in Beijing and Sichuan. Sichuan regional competition was held from August 15 to 24 in 1993, the Beijing Division competition, held from September 4 to September 10 in 1993, a total of 22 days. In in all events forty-three, contractors, including track and field, swimming, gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, weightlifting, fencing, judo, international style wrestling, boxing, modern pentathlon, equestrian, Chinese wrestling total twenty-six projects; Sichuan 15 events, including diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, skills, shooting, archery, rowing, canoeing, fin swimming, water skiing and other items, including contractors. In addition, Qinhuangdao City hosted the two items of sailing and windsurfing.

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