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September 3.1996-Japanese right-wing organizations require revising textbooks

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September 3, 1996 (July 21), the Rat, some Japanese right-wing organizations require revising textbooks. In In September

1996, a Japanese named "Showa Institute for the History of the organization's representatives textbooks regarding the special meeting with the secretary general of the Japan New Party Nishioka Takeo required from spring 1997 the seven school history textbooks delete the "comfort women", describes the organization of the 11 historical fact of the "Nanjing Massacre", "Sanko combat," the Marco Polo Bridge Incident ", & ldquo ; self-flagellation color of Japanese history textbooks and year by year, "the textbook test problem should be seen as a political problem." They have openly said that the Japanese strong grasp of the comfort women is not true.
one associated with the organization of the so-called political commentators said that Japan's ruling party to allow such a test, should promote to make introspection. The leader of this organization claimed also directly met the 10th president of the LDP General Masajuro Shiokawa, to revise the textbook. (History cn)
According to reports, there is an organization called "liberal view of history will also above description in the textbooks to the Ministry of Education to delete requirements. They also vowed to "chronicles the ambiguous history textbooks" to carry out a critical movement.

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