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September 6.1944-German V-2 rocket attacks on London

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September 6, 1944 (Jiashen July 19), the German V-2 rocket attacks on London.

German V-2 rocket attacks on London
German V-2 rocket attacks on London
V-2 rocket launched by Germany northeastern Peinemingde rockets fired at London
V-2 ballistic missiles in Germany in the Second World War. It is the first supersonic rocket, a pioneer of modern space launch vehicles and long-range missiles. Started to develop in 1936, 1944 is the date of launch to Paris for the first time. Two days after the attacks on British fired a total of more than 3 million pieces. Belgium almost suffered the same heavy blow. V-2 rocket is 47 feet long, 2.8-29,000 lbs takeoff weight, can produce about 60,000 lbs of thrust. Alcohol and liquid oxygen propellant payload of about 2,000 pounds of high explosives, the horizontal range of 200 miles, the maximum height is usually up to 60 miles. [L $ djτ.ЙЁT]
Germans final check of the V-2 missile attacks on southern debugging

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