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September 6.1963-The Soviet Debate enter "incandescence"

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July 19 (mao), September 6, 1963, the Sino-Soviet polemics into incandescence.

1963, "People's Daily", "Red Flag" magazine jointly published by the editor, editorial board article by Mao Zedong: "the origin and development of the leadership of the CPSU and our differences" (Review). The article says: "between the two parties and the Soviet Union in the international communist movement, (history com) generation of the disagreement is entirely due to the leadership of the CPSU departure from Marxism-Leninism, a departure from the 1957 Declaration and the 1960 annual statement of revolutionary principles, the implementation of a revisionism in the international communist movement, separatism route. CPSU leadership along the process of revisionism, farther and farther down the road of separatism, which is the process of development and exacerbate differences. "
13," People's Daily "," Red Flag "magazine again jointly issued Edit the article:" Stalin "(two ratings). The article says: "Stalin was a great Marxist-Leninist, Khrushchev opposed Stalin actually frantically against the Soviet regime and against the Soviet state, in order to wipe out this great proletarian revolutionary Soviet people and the peoples of the world indelible impact, but also to deny Stalin used the defense and development of Marxism-Leninism, the full implementation of the revisionist line open the way. "
26" People's Daily "," Red Flag "magazine jointly published the editorial department article:" Yugoslavia is a socialist country? "(Assessment), Yugoslavia" capitalist restoration ", the state power has degenerated into the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. "

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