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September 6.2001-New incriminating evidence found in Osaka, Japan, by Japanese Invaders

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(July 19), Government House, September 6, 2001 in Osaka, Japan found new evidence against the Japanese invading army. In September 2001, Osaka, Japan, (Lssdjt.com) found a set up during World War II by Japanese Invaders in China "the Army punished with Conference military court sentenced to more than 100 Chinese people to death verdict transcript of the handwritten notes, the new evidence against the Japanese invasion of China. these judgments of the Japanese invasion of a transcript and handwritten notes

when visiting professor at the Institute of Asian Studies at the University of Osaka Economic Law Division North Bozhao found. Called new evidence against the Japanese invasion of China has been saved in the same year as captain of the hands of the Japanese invading army military court judge and prosecutors a Japanese Navy forensic. According to these data records, (l $ jτ.cń) the Japanese navy occupation of China's coastal areas "Shina aspects fleet" in Hong Kong and Xiamen set up a "the military punished meeting", from November 1938 to August 1943 month, the military punished meeting dealt with 79 incidents, a total of 179 Chinese trial, in which 118 people were sentenced to death, accounting for 66% of the judge.

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