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September 6.1909-Each other to reach the North Pole dispute

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September 6, 1909 (, Jiyou July 22), the first to reach the Arctic dispute.

Each other to reach the North Pole dispute
to conquer the Arctic dispute
. because Navy Commander Robert-E-skin and Frederick-A-Cook are scrambling to claim to be the first to reach the North Pole, thus causing a field of large-scale debate. (L $ j¦Ó.c¨½)
piri September 6 to Dara Labrador announced he reach the North Pole on April 6, 1909, but at the same time but was informed Cook said in a statement five days ago, took place on April 21, 1908, he visited the Arctic. Cook the past, one of my colleagues in the skin. He said he was accompanied by some Eskimos travel, and he also American flag mounted on a metal pipe buried in the Earth's northernmost tip.
Cook's statement is surprising, so far, the people only know that Cook is the first Mount McKinley mountain. Now, people in Copenhagen for the Cook cheering, but the skin actually challenge Cook's statement. The (lssdjt.cn)
piri, when he reaches the polar, did not find any traces of others has been. He also said that he had with the two Eskimos to the North Pole with Cook talked to, both say that arrive still a long way from the North Pole, it was returned. Royal Geological Society of London congratulations to the skin, and invited him to speak, but did not give this Cook congratulations. This is meaningful.

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