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September 6.1958-The Mao Zedong requirements focus on industrial aspects

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September 6, 1958 (July 23), the Reform Movement, Mao Zedong asked to focus on the industrial aspects. September

1958 (l $ djτ.ōrɡ)], the President of the People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong convened fifteenth Supreme State Conference.
Mao Zedong made a speech at the meeting, he said that: (a) domestic situation after the great universal rectification campaign around the country flourish meteorological. Career in the agricultural industry, culture and education, as well as other construction side, the situation of the Great Leap Forward. Due to the joint efforts of the people across the country under the leadership of the Communist Party, greatly accelerate the speed of China's socialist construction. In view of the increasing pressure of the rapid development of agricultural production industry, and also in view of the agricultural production and rural work has been relatively solid foundation and a more mature experience, the center of gravity of the leadership we need in a timely manner from the agriculture and rural work transferred to the industrial building. The leading organs of the central and provincial levels, must one hand industrial one hand and agriculture, and from now on, should focus on the industrial sector. In the industrial sector, we must pay close attention to the iron and steel industry and mechanical industry, because this is the realization of China's industrialization, mechanization of agriculture and to strengthen the basis of the national defense force, agriculture and rural work can not relax, agricultural production next year should continue large-scale development.

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