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September 6.1966-Sanger's death, birth control advocates

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September 6, 1966 (July 22) Heigo birth control advocates Sanger, passed away. Margaret - Sanger, the Sanger

Sanger's death, birth control advocates
Maro, the
birth control advocates is a lucky visionaries. She was not like other women a great man such as Susan B. Anthony. They never see women get the right to vote, Mrs. Sanger saw her dream to be realized. New and effective forms of birth control in her life, with the development, from fundamental to enrich the lives of millions of women and men. The Sanger Lady to make this dream become a reality.
Mrs. Sanger, died at 82 years old. Her original name is Margaret - Higgins, New York Governor Socialists father was an alcoholic, his mother gave birth to several children exhausted. Ping Geli special to be a nurse, witnessed the nasty consequences of abortion by individuals, she vowed to end it all.
The nurse brought up three children (one died soon). Her great fanfare by mailing letters to promote birth control knowledge. She went to France to study contraceptive drugs, and when she came back with some pessaries, diaphragms and condoms. In Brooklyn in 1916, she opened a birth control clinic, clinics soon closed. Her step by step to oppose birth control legal attack, until 1953, she became the Chairman of the International Planned Parenthood Association.
her greatest success is the birth control pill. After she read some Medicine tablets feasibility monograph, urged scientists made the oral contraceptive drugs. the
critics accuse this pill, and indirectly condemned Mrs. Sanger said she engaged in sexual liberation of the current popular. The Sanger Lady might argue that sex between men and women is no more than in the past, they just feel more pleasant Bale.

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