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September 6.1989-The promulgation of the People's Republic of China Resident Identity Card Bill

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In (, Jisi August seventh day), September 6, 1989, the People's Republic of China resident identity card Ordinance for promulgation.

"the People's Republic of China resident identity card Ordinance passed by the People's Republic of the Sixth National People's Congress Standing Committee 12th meeting into effect from the date of publication. November 28, 1986, the Ministry of Public Security announced the "People's Republic of China Resident Identity Card Implementation Rules", which is an important administrative regulations after following the People's Republic of China resident identity card Ordinance, is our resident identity card management specific norms.
resident identity card to prove citizenship certificate. The implementation of the identity card system, change our traditional, closed account management method is an important beginning and try to achieve population management model to the management of personal documents based transition gradually. (L $ djτ.ōrɡ)
September 1989 issued identity card, in view of most of the country has been basically completed and approved by the State Council, the use of the identity card and the inspection system is implemented nationwide. The implementation of this system, strengthen social management, enhance the legal concept of the masses, to the masses with a certificate has improved significantly. Resident identity card applies to matters of the rights and interests of citizens apply for the following need to prove identity:
(a) voter registration; (b) of the household registration; (c) register for military service; (d) of the marriage registration; (e) education, employment; (f) notarial affairs; (g) to the border management area; (h) apply for exit formalities; (ix) to participate in the proceedings; (10) to handle a motor vehicle, boat driver's license and driving permit, non-motor vehicle license; ( 11) apply for individual business license; (12) handling personal credit transaction; (13) to participate in social insurance, receiving social assistance; (14) handling aboard civil aircraft procedures; (15) lodging inn registration; ( pick up your payment, and e-mail; xvi) (xvii) consignment items; (xviii) other things.
resident ID card in China is a unified national code consists of 15 Arabic numerals. Coding is divided into three parts: administrative divisions code, date of birth code allocation sequence code. Left to right, 1 to 6-digit code of administrative divisions. Former 1,2 digits represent the city; 3,4,5,6 digits represent under the jurisdiction of the district or county. Date of Birth code is 7-12 digits. Date of Birth citizen born when the day of a calendar month prevail. The allocation order code 13 to 15 digits, 13, 14 where the police station, 15 gender, singular male, double the number of female. 996,997,998,999 allocation sequence code is a the special coding than hundred years old.
resident identity card valid legal documents to prove citizenship. ID code will be able to know the a holder living city, district (county) and where the streets, as well as the holder's age, gender. Resident identity card should carry, and subject to the relevant state personnel inspection.
As of September 1995, since the implementation of the identity card system, the public security organs across the country has accumulated and issue a resident identity card of about 900 million.

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