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September 6.1991-Morocco and the Western Front for formal ceasefire

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September 6, 1991 (July 28), Xinwei, Morocco and the Western Front to achieve a formal ceasefire.

Western Sahara was a Spanish colony. In May 1973, the Western Front (Polisario Front) was established and announced plans to force Western independent. In February 1976, after the withdrawal of Spain from the Western, Morocco, Mauritania, the two countries signed the agreement of the divide-and-conquer normalized provisions Western northern Morocco under the jurisdiction of the southern normalized Mauritania. (L $ djτ.ōrɡ) Western Front, announced the establishment of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic. Since then, continue to the outbreak of armed conflict between the Mount, gross withdrawal with the West Front.
in August 1979, Mauritania renounced territorial claims to Western exit retreat westward war. Since then, the armed conflict concentrated to the the Western north and Monan Ministry border, the increasing size of the war. The Western war caused the concern of the international community. The OAU and the United Nations to promote the peaceful settlement of the question of Western, several active mediation and conciliation. October,
1986 the United Nations General Assembly adopted concerning Western ceasefire held a referendum and West withdrawal of the self-determination of the resolution. In January 1989, the warring parties were the first direct dialogue. In June, the United Nations set up a group of Western peace plan implementation. In May 1990, the United Nations set up a Western referendum monitoring group, by the West to withdraw peace plan to the UN Security Council in June and July 1991, Morocco signed a ceasefire agreement with the Western Front, from September 6, the two sides agreed to The formal cease-fire, and under the supervision of the referendum held in January 1992 at the United Nations, to ultimately determine the attribution of Western. By then, the United Nations will send peacekeeping troops from 36 countries, is responsible for the organization and supervision of Western citizens to self-determination vote.
1991, the United Nations the Western Observer Mission in the first staff person in charge of Canada Leroy generals announced in the West withdraw the capital of Laayoune, Morocco with the West to withdraw the PFLP formally a ceasefire. The two sides lasted 15 years of armed conflict finally came to an end.

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