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September 7.1901-"Boxer Protocol signed

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September 7, 1901 (July 25, 1901), signed the Boxer Protocol. the Qing government

"Boxer Protocol signed
"Boxer Protocol signed
send Plenipotentiary celebrate Prince Yi Kuang (front right), Li Hongzhang (front right) with Britain, the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan, Austria, France, Italy, the West, the Netherlands, than the representatives of 11 countries signed the Boxer Protocol on September 7
1901, by Germany, Austria, Hungary, than the West, France, Britain, Italy, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia and other countries in Beijing envoy diplomatic corps, under the auspices of the head of the GE network dry, at 11:00 in the Spanish embassy and the Chinese the discretionary Minister Yi Kuang and Li held talks and signed the Final Protocol of the peace talks, the end of the ceremony at 11:30.
the day, "Boxer Protocol officially entered into the main content: Qing government compensation for countries military spending of $ 50 million taels of silver, which tsarist Russia 100 million in 3000 more than one million two customs and salt tax as collateral; demolished in Beijing to Dagu all coastal fort; countries remain soldiers stationed along the railway line from Beijing to Shanhaiguan important towns; designate embassy circles in Beijing, to allow countries to send troops to protect the not allowed the Chinese people living in the sector; permanently banned China to set up or participate in the anti-imperialist organizations and movements; Yamen changed to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the first of six trains. The treaty signing
, the loss of a large number of sovereign. Tsarist Russia share in the spoils, the largest said Tsarist Russia Foreign Secretary Donald Molotov: "1900 China war is rare enough in this war in the history. (L $ djτ.cōm)
various unequal treaties
September 1901 morning, the sun is sunburn, heat still lingers. Qing court Plenipotentiary Woodland? Liang Tu curse hollow of a tree rope? Heavy atmosphere deer?? Busy planchette? ⒈ soil? Thin ⒂ ⒐? ⒚ stopped? ⒎ ü? ⒁ Xun, exhausted? ⑷ felt best ⒍ Hua? ⒑ shirt muscle ⑽ pedaled purine Lai? 1 country representatives to Qi venue. Li Hongzhang Fubing from the force can not support. 12 models treaty already agreed, no longer meeting, representatives of the order signed 12 text into effect. Treaty twelve models: the first paragraph (a) of the German imperial commissioner the Baron Cleander Minister is crippling regarding Prince Zai Feng, Qin sent a top envoy minister, before the great emperor went to the big German, on behalf of the a large Qing Dynasty emperor National sorry intended. (B) The the Qing State has declared Monument killed the premises erected Ming Chi, books in Latin, German, Han Wen. Paragraph (a) punishes hurt the first in the country and the people of Asian countries Woe Zhu Chen. (B) of the people killed in the Asian countries battered the town to stop the civil and military and other examinations for five years. The third paragraph due the the large Japanese Embassy secretary of Health Sugiyama Bin victim, a decree to simply send Hubushilang natong envoy minister went before the large Japanese emperor on behalf of the great emperor of the Qing Empire and the Italian National regret. The fourth paragraph Qing State allowed given that Asian countries are dirt ditch and excavation of each tomb, humiliates establish Terg snow monument, tomb HEREBY GIVEN that built the monument of a list is attached. The Di Wukuan Qing State allowed not allowed generals fire cum designed for manufacturing arms various materials shipped into China. Paragraph 6 of the Great Qing Dynasty emperor allowed to put country reimbursements Customs silver four hundred fifty trillion two. According to Customs versus price of this four hundred fifty trillion Department of easy gold models. Four hundred fifty trillion four per cent per annum, the original also by the Chinese sub-thirty-nine by The accompanying table Chapter Qing. Section 7. Qing State allowed given the embassies realm of thought at tertiary and domestic and independence, managed by the embassy, ​​the Chinese people had not allowed a living in the sector, but also self-defense. Article 8 of the Qing State promised Taku forts and impede the capital to the sea channel of the fort should be flattened, is now trying to do so. The ninth paragraph countries promised points should be sponsored by the Asian countries in conjunction with the discretionary several places, leaving soldiers stationed in order to maintain the capital to the sea without channel endangered,. 10, Paragraph 1 of the Qing Empire countries allow fixed for two years in the House Office of the counties will be the future of the Edict enacted bulletin: First, the Edict of permanent ban or set or into Asian countries enemies' will, and offenders who are chopped. Second, the Edict one, and how to punish the crime at all eleven stated. Three Shangyudang to Asian countries people killed battered towns, to stop the civil and military and other examinations. Fourth, the Edict of provincial governors Wen Wu Dali, Yuji various official in belongs territory are Paul the responsibility of the peace. A tenth Qing State allowed given the Asian countries deemed to be peddler change to the treaty of Commercial Navigation at related Tsusho other matters, are line proposed supplier to the proper simple. Twelfth paragraph Prime Minister national affairs Yamen, in accordance with the Asian countries Discretionary changed to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, trains six Asian countries imperial envoys, and work before an audience etiquette. The Qing State both as described above, enough appropriate meaning properly do Asian countries, China is ready to be the confound born nineteen hundred years summer the situation end the Asian countries Matateru Yun accompanying. (Lssjt.cn)

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