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September 9.1944-Belgian cities liberated

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September 9, 1944 (Jiashen July 22), Belgium cities liberated.

1944, the U.S. Army First Corps liberation from Germany in the hands of several Belgian cities, turned again to the eastern battlefield. The force is now only 20 miles from the German border. Its next target is heavily fortified Siegfried line of defense. The head tank units
Allied scored before dawn Liege. At dawn, surrounded by thousands of Belgians put U.S. troops victory. A few days ago, they also frightened to stay at home today, and they will beat the American soldiers back and read the first time since the German occupation no newspaper published vetted.
Liege Belgian welcome American soldiers almost to the point of fanatical, in Brussels, and the scene is also true. (Lssdjt.com)
defeated the Germans tried to turn on the water flooded depressions in Belgium, and the Netherlands, to fight for the defense of their country. They lack the tanks and vehicles, and they desperately want to catch the Allied to Daqigefei line of defense before the search of new vehicles and tanks. Expected, Allied replenished, it will immediately launched an attack.

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