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September 9.1945-The Japanese Invaders surrender ceremony was held in Nanjing

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September 9, 1945 (, Yiyou August fourth day), the aggression against the Japanese surrender ceremony was held in Nanjing.

The Japanese Invaders surrender ceremony was held in Nanjing
The Japanese Invaders surrender ceremony was held in Nanjing
The Japanese Invaders surrender ceremony was held in Nanjing
Yingqin on behalf of the Chinese to accept the Japanese surrender
1945 September 9, 2010, the China theater of the Japanese surrender signing ceremony in Nanjing Huangpu Road, Army General Command forward command post held. Surrender seats the center seat is the army chief Yingqin: Admiral Shao-wide, Air Chief Marshal Zhang Tingmeng left and right for the Army two on Ku Chu-tung, Lieutenant General XIAO Yi Su. Surrender gallery Okamura, Commander-in-Chief of the Chinese Expeditionary Army in Japan, China, the Japanese chief of the general staff the small Linmao Saburo, Deputy Chief of Staff Imai Takeo 7. Participating in a surrender ceremony in China, the Kuomintang generals A General work Maogong, Ming-Yang Li, Zheng-hole country. Allied generals U.S. military will Maike Lu, Bode Le Major General, the British Hayes will.
at 9:00 Yingqin the Japanese surrender delivered Okamura read the signature. Okamura will surrender to read each one signature micro trembling hand, signed and sealed by Bi, looked down to surrender up to 50 seconds. 9:06 Yingqin Chiang Kai-shek Order No. AC Chiefs of Staff forwarding Okamura, Okazaki material rather times longer to take delivery of certificate, signed and sealed. 9:10, the Chinese Theater Japanese surrender ceremony is completed, the representative of Japan walked out.
Yingqin radio address to the nation and around the world who announced Nanjing surrender ceremony successfully completed. He said: "This is the most meaningful day in the history of China, which is the result of hard work in eight-year war, East Asia and the world of human peace and prosperity from this rise of a new era. "
Japanese invading army surrendered the ceremony
Japanese Invaders surrender ceremony

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