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September 9.1948-The founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

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September 9, 1948 (, August seventh day Lunar New Year), the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was established.

The founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
North Korea on the Korean Peninsula is located in the eastern part of Asia, is a long history of ancient civilizations. The 1st century AD, had formed Goguryeo, Baekje, Silla three feudal state. The mid-7th century, Silla unified the Korean. The beginning of the 10th century, the Koryo dynasty replaced Silla. "Korea" or "alpine Lishui meaning. 500 years later, Korea Joseon Dynasty replaced by changing the country for the Korean, meaning "Asahi distinctive.
the Korean peninsula is about 2100 North Korea (840 km) west width of 900 North Korea (collectively 360 km), the two values ​​and just for 3000 DPRK years. Peninsula towering precipitous mountains, fertile magnanimous wilderness, abundant water resources of rivers and dense forests. The peninsula has a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery, and therefore, people with three thousand beautiful country "to describe North Korea.
1897 Korean King Li Xi changing the country, "the Korean Empire. In August 1910, Japan forced Korea signed the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty, the provisions Korean sovereignty permanently and Japan. South Korea to become a province of Japan. Since then, the Japanese imperialists deprived of the independence and sovereignty of the DPRK. The Korean People's heroic struggle against the Japanese invaders. After Japan surrendered in August 1945, the United States and the Soviet Union agreed to 38 degrees north latitude as the boundary, the two armed forces stationed on the Korean Peninsula. (Lssjt.cn) the United States is attempting to replace Japan occupied South Korea. For the establishment of a unified people's political power, under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea, in August 1948, the whole of Korea held the election of members of the Supreme People's Assembly. Held in Pyongyang on September 2, the first meeting of the Supreme People's Assembly, discussed and adopted the Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. September 9, Democratic People's Republic of Korea was officially inaugurated, the elected the Korean Central government led by Kim Il Sung. Since then, North Korea has opened a new chapter in history.
Democratic People's Republic of Korea capital Pyongyang, known for "City of Heroes". In the last three years of the liberation war, U.S. imperialism Pyongyang thousands of bombing, more than 420,000 bombs turned the city into a scorched earth. The invaders proudly publicity: Pyongyang disappeared on the map! 100 years can never expect to rebuild a! But the heroic Korean People's only about 10 years time it miraculously stood up. Pyongyang has built a magnificent modern garden city. On December 1963, the Standing Conference of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly issued a decree, scheduled for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was established on September 9, (lsjt.org) National Day.
annual September 9, Pyongyang have held the grand grand National Day activities, including: the report will celebrate mass demonstrations, Gymnastics Performance Festival, art performances. Every "five" every "ten" memorial celebration bigger, more number of participants.

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