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September 9.1951-CPC Central Committee decided that the steady development of the agricultural cooperative movement

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September 9, 1951 (, Xin Mao August ninth day), the CPC Central Committee decided that the steady development of the agricultural cooperative movement.

1951, the CPC Central Committee held in Beijing the first the agricultural mutual cooperation meeting. Part of the Central Bureau meeting was attended by representatives of the provincial party committee and central authorities comrades, the meeting adopted the "CPC Central Committee on agricultural production and mutual cooperation resolution (draft)". The meeting, farmers must be developed on the basis of the land reform enthusiasm manifested in two aspects: on the one hand is the enthusiasm of the individual economy, on the one hand, the enthusiasm of the labor mutual aid. These positive, rapid recovery and development of the national economy and promote the industrialization of the country's basic factors. According to China's economic conditions, farmers individual economy is in a fairly long period of time a large number of existing, can not be ignored and rudely dampen the enthusiasm of farmers individual economy. However, in order to overcome the difficulties in the decentralized management of many farmers, to make the majority of poor farmers to quickly increase production and took to the affluence of the road, to make the country to get a lot more than it is now commodity grain and other industrial raw materials and opened up a vast market for the national industrial sales, it is necessary to promote "organized in accordance with the principle of voluntary and mutually beneficial development of the enthusiasm of the farmers mutual cooperation. Labor mutual aid is the establishment of a collective labor (based on farmers' private property) on the basis of the individual economy, and its future development is the collectivization of agriculture or socialization. Session, rural mutual cooperation There are three main forms: The first form is a simple, temporary, seasonal labor mutual aid. The second form is a perennial mutual aid groups. Part of this form of the introduction of agricultural and sideline mutual aid; simple production planning and some technical division of labor; Some also purchase part of public agricultural implements and livestock, and the accumulation of a small amount of other public property. This form should be in the union movement has been based on areas of leadership gradual promotion. The third form of land shares characteristics of agricultural production cooperatives, number not more, over 300 in the Northeast, North China. This form should be rich mutual experience of the masses, while there are strong backbone of the region, leaders also that focus on the development. In short, the party mutual aid use in rural development policy is the policy of advancing steadily in accordance with the needs and possibilities of the development of production conditions. The meeting pointed out that the two tendencies in the leadership of the cooperative movement to prevent a negative attitude towards mutual cooperation movement, to see how this is my party leadership of the peasant masses individual economy is gradually moving towards the large-scale use of machine farming and small production harvest the collective economy must pass through the road, denied that has arisen agricultural production cooperatives towards the form of the transition to socialism, deny them with socialist factors; another take impatient attitude, despite farmers voluntarily and economic conditions prematurely unfit to attempt to deny or limit private property of the peasants to participate in the cooperatives now attempt to implement mutual aid groups and members of agricultural production cooperatives absolute egalitarianism, or attempt to organize quickly advanced socialist collective farms . The meeting also proposed, in the agricultural mutual cooperation movement, we must pay attention to correct and prevent forced command and laissez-faire both wrong leadership. The correct method of leadership is: take a typical demonstration, from less to more, from lower gradually extend to advanced; timely study of the experience of the masses, educate the masses to carry forward the correct thing, avoid repeating something wrong; principle of voluntary and mutually beneficial. Meeting of the existing agricultural mutual aid teams and production cooperatives, and the party's government assistance to provide some specific policies and specific way.

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