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September 9.1977-Mao Zedong Memorial Hall is completed

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September 9, 1977 (, Dimba July 26), the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall is completed. the

Mao Zedong Memorial Hall is completed
Mao Zedong Memorial Hall is completed
Mao Zedong Memorial Hall is completed
Chairman Mao Memorial Hall to pay their last respects hall
September 1977, solemnly commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Mao Zedong and the inauguration of the Conference of the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall in Beijing, Chairman Mao Memorial Church North in front of Piazza. The General Assembly is convened jointly by the CPC Central Committee, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the State Council and the Central Military Commission. Hua Guofeng, Ye Jianying, Deng Xiaoping, Li Xiannian, Wang Dongxing and other Party and state leaders attended the meeting. Ye Jianying to preside over the General Assembly, Hua Guofeng made a speech. Hua Guofeng, in his speech, pointed out, hold high the great banner of Chairman Mao, adhere to the Party's basic line in the historical period of socialism, grasping the key link in governing the country and continue the revolution, the struggle to build a modern, powerful socialist llth Party . In his speech, he called on the whole army and people of all ethnic groups to inherit the behest of Chairman Mao, along the route of the party's XI, unite and strive for greater victories. Selected from all over the country on behalf of 16 million people visited the mortal remains of Mao Zedong. the
Hua Guofeng, Ye Jianying, Deng Xiaoping, Li Xiannian τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm] Wang Dongxing to pay their last respects the Mao Zedong the mortal remains
Chairman Mao Memorial Hall
located downtown Tiananmen Square, the southern end. Completed on September 9, 1977. Memorial is a square building, construction area of ​​20,000 square meters, 33.6 meters high, look northward. The appearance of two layers. Inlaid with Chairman Mao Memorial Hall above the main entrance of white marble gold plaque. Maroon granite structure on a tall pedestal, surrounded by 44 yellow granite octagonal pillars. Golden glazed tiles 重檐 flat top cornice posted. The door to the north and south sides of each two sets of 8-meter-high sculptures, respectively, show the course of the Chinese people under the leadership of Chairman Mao's revolution. 10
Memorial Hall Room is open to the public. The North Hall of the Memorial Hall main entrance is held commemorations place, the center of the hall is a 3.45-meter-high white marble sculpture of Mao Zedong Seated Mianhanweixiao, dignified and peaceful. Seated behind the wall hung a large tapestry - "Motherland". The entire hall can accommodate 700 people. The core part of
Memorial reverentially Hall. Crystal museum of the middle of the hall, security stood the remains of Chairman Mao, dressed in a gray tunic, covered with a bright red party flag. Crystal coffin coffin bed is made of black granite, surrounded by a bed of roses. Inlaid in the white marble walls of the front of the hall the 17 gilt characters "a great leader and teacher Chairman Mao Zedong immortal.
things offices of the the revolutionary performance Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and other ancestors. Memorial indoor exhibition a large number of artifacts, documents, letters and pictures. South Hall for the export lobby, a white marble wall engraved with Chairman Mao Azolla and Guo handwritten word. Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is a majestic monuments of our national style.

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