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February 12.1768-The last emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, the Austrian emperor Franz II was born

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February 12, 1768 (24) Chinese New Year the twelfth lunar month, Last Emperor, Holy Roman Empire, the first Austrian Emperor Franz II was born. Franz II Franz

The last emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, the Austrian emperor Franz II was born
II (1768 -1835 on March 2, 2011), the Holy Roman Empire, The Last Emperor (1792 -1806 years), (L $ djτ.cōm) the first emperor of Austria (1804 -1835 years, Emperor Franz I). (On www.TodayOnHistory.com) Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II and Queen Maria Luisa of Spain, son of.
Franz Heights II became Holy Roman Emperor, the city-states carved out of Germany has a very serious long lost real power of the Holy Roman Emperor. The French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte exacerbated the German city-state of differentiation, the Empire's outlook is not optimistic. In view of this, within three months after Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed himself emperor, Franz also self-proclaimed emperor of Austria in response to Napoleon.
Franz Heights II initiated the five holy alliance against Napoleon Bonaparte, the first four are defeated and weakened Austria's national strength, and indirectly lead to the future Prussia's rise. In 1806, Napoleon Bonaparte, the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire. Franz Heights II was forced and pro, his daughter Maria Louisa who married Napoleon Bonaparte.
Franz Heights in the fall of Napoleon, now chaired a meeting in Vienna to set up a system of Vienna and the Holy Alliance, in order to restore the old order ", to offset the impact of Napoleon preach liberalism.
1815 years after the fall of Napoleon, Franz II, the Russian Czar Alexander I, King of Prussia, the Philippians special column III "Three Sovereigns alliance has been a bridgehead for obstructing the progressive forces in Europe. During the reign of Franz, reuse the main disseminators of Metternich, Austrian Prime Minister, the latter is not only the core of the system and implementation of Vienna, mysticism. In this way, Austria restored the status of the large European countries, and deepen the penetration of the German princes, and to strengthen the ties with the Kingdom of Hungary, all of which eventually led to the establishment of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1867.

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