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September 13.1973-KMT leaders Sun died in Taipei

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September 13, 1973 (on August 17 Guichou), KMT leaders Sun Ke died in Taipei. In In 1970, Taiwan's Examination Yuan Sun Ke died in Taipei "target =" _blank "> Sun Kefu women to ride out 80 birthday

KMT leaders Sun died in Taipei
KMT leaders Sun died in Taipei
of Sun Ke, born in 1891 , Xiangshan (now Zhongshan), word Tetsuo (L $ djτ.cōm) Sun Yat-sen's son. early study in the United States, graduated from the University of California, Sun Yat-sen the generalissimo House secretary, secretary of the President of the Senate in 1917, he was appointed in 1921, Guangzhou Mayor. (history today www.lssdjt.com) 1925
, the Sun Ke served as a member of the National Government, Standing Committee, acting governor of Guangdong, Minister for Youth, the Kuomintang Central Executive Committee, Standing Committee, the political members of the Committee, the Military Committee. Cunningham confluence
1927, Sun Ke served as Nanjing, the KMT Central Committee, member of the Central Executive Committee, member of the National Government, the Minister of Construction of the National Government, the Minister of Finance, the Ministry of Railways Minister, Examination Yuan, vice president of 1931 and Li Tsung-jen and other cooperation against Chiang Kai-shek. November 1948, he was appointed president of the Executive Yuan.
1949 Sun Ke moved to the Executive Yuan in Guangzhou objections on behalf of President Li Tsung-jen and the Chinese Communists peace negotiations. (lssdjt.cn) and would like to go to France in March of the same year, in 1952, emigrated to the United States to Taiwan in 1964, she served as the presidential palace, "Yew, the Examination Yuan Yuan long. (? v history today?? com)
Sun Ke and his sisters

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