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September 13.1989-The death of our the early famous movie actor Zheng Xiaoqiu

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(Baba on August 14), September 13, 1989, the death of the early famous movie actor Zheng Xiaoqiu. 13, 2009,

The death of our the early famous movie actor Zheng Xiaoqiu
1989 our early famous movie actor, the science film director Zheng Xiaoqiu, due to the sudden stroke, died September 13, the middle of the night, aged 79 years. (On TodayOnHistory.com)
Zheng Xiaoqiu formerly known as Zheng Hongbin, 5-year-old entered the film industry, the 12-year-old in his father - screenwriter famous film artist Zheng Zheng, Zhang Shichuan director of China's first Minister of feature films orphan saves in mind, "successfully played orphans Yu Pu, caused a sensation, and became a famous film child star. The early 1930s, he and Hu Die Dadang, starred in "The Story of Three Loves", "sisters" and other films. As a our earlier film actor, Zheng Xiaoqiu experienced the process from silent films to sound films, participated in the performances and the director of the nearly 100 feature films, and made contributions to the film industry in China.
After the liberation, Zheng Xiaoqiu obey the arrangements of the party to join the the science film career, has directed more than 40 films, including "Soil and Water Conservation, excellent protection oxen", "Chinese Martial Arts", "write calligraphy" popular science.

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