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September 15.1915-Chen Duxiu founder of "Youth Magazine"

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(YiMao August seventh day), September 15, 1915, Chen Duxiu founder of the youth magazine. the

Chen Duxiu founder of "Youth Magazine"
Chen Duxiu founder of "Youth Magazine"
"Youth Magazine," the first issue of 15 days in September
1915 youth magazine founded in Shanghai, Monthly, Chen Duxiu editor. Chen "advising youth," published in the inaugural issue. Self-Volume 2 (September 1916) renamed the "New Youth", has since become the center of the publication of the anti-feudal and advocate democratic revolution. Editorial Board since January 1919 reorganization, Chen Duxiu, Qian Xuantong, Gao Yihan, (on www.TodayOnHistory.com) Hu Shi, Li Dazhao, by Shen turns editing. Before and after the May Fourth Movement, advocating democracy, scientific, and promote new literature mainly had published in Lu Xun's short story "Diary of a Madman", "Kong", "medicine", of Li Dazhao the papers, "the common people of victory defense "," Bolshevism triumph, Chen Duxiu paper "New Youth crime. Played an active role in the propaganda of Marxism, against the feudal ethics calls for the awakening of humanity. Since September 1920, as the organ of the communist group. The founding of the Communist Party of China, became the organ of the CPC Central Committee, and Chen Duxiu editor. July 1922 through the suspension. Changed in June 1923 quarterly become the theoretical organ of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, moved to Guangzhou publication. The occasional journal since April 1925 to cease publication in July of the following year.
"second revolution" after the failure of the current situation changes so the Chen Duxiu deeply stimulus, he engage in a political revolution in China does not make sense, and wish to "save China, built the Republican, first of all have to carry out ideological revolution" . Efforts CSC bookstore promised that the issue of the youth magazine edited by Chen. The the "advising youth" of the first issue of
Chen Duxiu written programmatic article of the journal. This paper enlightened were defined, "said human rights" biological evolution, the "socialism" of these three things is a characteristic of modern civilization, to achieve three things in this social reforms, the key lies in a new generation of young consciousness and the concept of update. He encouraged the youth advocate freedom, progress, science, have a vision of the world, we must be implemented and aggressive. He concluded that a powerful reason in modern Europe, human rights and science is to promote the social history forward two wheels. Which first raised their banner of science and democracy on both sides. The founding of the "New Youth" is a sign of the rise of the New Culture Movement, "advising youth" became the manifesto of the New Culture Movement. (Τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm)

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