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September 15.1932-Japan formally recognize "Manchukuo"

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September 15, 1932 (, Ren Shen on August 15), Japan formally recognize "Manchukuo. Muto, the

Japan formally recognize "Manchukuo"
Japanese Kwantung Army commander, and "Manchukuo" Prime Minister Zheng Xiaoxu signed the Protocol on In in 1932, Japan announced the formal recognition of the puppet state of Manchukuo. Am the same day, Muto rate curtain Dai suite people to the pseudo-executive government with Pu Yi met with the puppet Manchukuo Prime Minister Zheng Xiaoxu signed full Protocol, its two main content:
"( 1) the Manchukuo In the future, the same day full of the two countries has not yet entered into separate covenants for Japan or Japanese subjects in the field of Manchukuo according to the treaty between Japan and China in the past, agreements and other terms and conditions as well as public and private contract entitled all rights should be recognized and respected.
(2) Japan and Manchukuo confirmation for the territory of the Contracting State and all threats to law and order, at the same time that a threat for peace and the presence of the other Contracting State, the two similar co-responsible for the defense of national responsibility for the need for Japanese troops in Manchuria domestic. (Lssjt.cn) "
full Protocol, in addition to retain the secret treaty of March 10, added a new secret treaty, such as:" Manchukuo Government railways, harbors, airways, aviation line management and the laying of the railway line, the management of the Agreement and its Subsidiary Agreement, the Agreement on the establishment of the airline, agreed on the provisions necessary mining rights on the defense. "

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