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January 17.1920-Chinese ethicists, educators Yang Changji's death

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January 17, 1920 (of Kang Xi winter months 27), ethicists, educators Yang Changji's death.

Chinese ethicists, educators Yang Changji's death
Yang Changji was born "target =" _blank "> of Yang Changji

January 1920 - China ethicists education home Yang Changji died

Hunan Province, Changsha County Name arms, word Watson, born in 1871. twice the provincial examinations are not in at home after building this and apprentices, often with a close friend of Yang Shouren to discuss affairs of state, that the revolution will suffice survival. "in 1898, studied at Yuelu Academy, despite the mountains and obstruct progressive groups decided to join the Southern Society, efforts to publicize the new school, the New Deal, agreed with Tan Sitong" China-based "political thought after the failure of the coup d'etat, fled to his hometown to study the science of statecraft. research knowledge or man, have perseverance, he said:" I no extraordinary, but are not quite stoic word focus, often trying to use a long time winning. "his spirit, students who are known as" Da Zhai Famennian and emulate.
1903, obtain official fee students in Japan, Hirofumi Institute, Tokyo Higher Normal studying pedagogy six years living in Fuso, not forgetting the bosom of the motherland, change the number in order to harbor China and Turkey are denounce Japanese teacher's remarks to slander China, said Japan "malicious & rdquo ;, "there is the White of thinking". refused Russia Movement also participated in 1909, from Japan to the UK, 入苏格兰爱伯汀 University, studied philosophy, ethics, and a bachelor's degree. later visit to Germany education, determined to devote himself to education, to serve the motherland and the people. 1913 back to Changsha, the Hunan provincial government appointed Secretary of Education, he flatly refused to concentrate on academic research and education in order to direct responsibility to probation youth meaning soon as their occurrence, "in more cloth seeds, he worked in Hunan Province established Fourth Normal Normal teach a large number of aspiring young Mao Zedong, Hesen his students receive the teachings of many of his affairs quite attention had managed to rescue Yuan Shikai persecution Yang Delin and remonstrated with the restoration of the monarchy advocating Do Yang Du Yuan Shikai, support and participate in the New Culture Movement, campaigned to create Hunan University, and so on. "New Youth" writing papers, recommended articles. and Xu Teli, Li Jinxi organization compiled the the (history www.lssdjt.com) edited and published primary and secondary subject textbooks, translated the history of Western ethics, edit copy "Analects class, pedagogy handouts The "book reach of Lent Diary," Yang Changji the anthology "its masterpieces as. (lsjt.org)
education raised many insightful viewpoint: advocating the unity of knowledge, practice-oriented opposition talk about; advocated moral education, moral, intellectual, and physical development of the proposed "determined, ideals, patriotism, martyred, diligence, deposit Cheng, meritorious service, courage, perseverance, your I pass this 10 aspects encourage students aspire to do good for society fair and square; advocated universal education should improve combined; advocate vigorously the development of higher education, studying the wind against the hip; emphasis on discovery, love and nurture talent, which was "a lengthy MasterCard, except This is the big "; advocate foreign things serve China, against the total Westernization He believes that a State of a country's national spirit," I studying overseas, For returning Erzhi with, must I State is deep plus research the case, what is when due, may be when the leather, may wish to take, and what should be rounded, clear in mind, a sure and then for their country idler while good should be the general trend of the universe ".
1918 In June, Mr. Cai Yuanpei employed, a professor of ethics at Peking University. He went to France to work-study student funding recommended by Mao Zedong to the Beijing University Library, Yang Kaihui contributed to her daughter's marriage relationship with Mao Zedong. Fourth Movement, published "Notice to students" to express the earnest expectation of the youth. died of illness in Beijing on January 17, 1920, aged 49 years old. Guizang Changsha County Itakura of.
Mao Zedong on his high evaluation, said He is a moral person, a strong belief in their own ethics, efforts to encourage students to aspire to do good for the community fair and square his life to the development of education as its mission, "Strong avoid Taoyuan for Swire For planted large wood Zhu long days, "two of his favorite students: Hesen founding theorist of the Communist Party of China, a former member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee; Mao Zedong's famous in the world, in China in the 20th century, the greatest figure they realized instructors & ldquo ; For planting large wooden prop long days "ambition.

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