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January 1.1814-The Taiping peasant uprising leader Hong Xiuquan's birthday

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January 1, 1814 the twelfth lunar month, the tenth day of this seventh month) (癸酉 years, Hong Xiuquan, leader of the Taiping peasant uprising birthday.

The Taiping peasant uprising leader Hong Xiuquan's birthday
The Taiping peasant uprising leader Hong Xiuquan's birthday
Hong Xiuquan (1814.1.1 ~ 1864.6.1)
the Taiping peasant uprising leader. Guangdong the Huaxian County (now Huadu) people. Founded in 1843 (Qing dynasty 20 years) the the worship God depth Guangxi religion to launch the peasant masses. Jintian uprising on January 11, 1851 (Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Sim Kaiyuan Qing Xianfeng first year) the marshalling Taiping, the enactment of the Taiping mesh, replaced the "ten days of" Yan Mingjun Ji. Uprising early enemy is strong and has been weak, then the rate of Yijun Cheng Xu dance flaw, look for an opportunity to wipe out the Qing fought counties, preserve and strengthen ourselves. In, Guangxi Wu Xuandong Township in March of the same year, was hailed as the King, the Lord made with the construction of five military. And g, Wing (now Mengshan), sealed the five main will the East, West, South, North, wing five kings, the kings of all normalized Chao Ming Dong Wang Yang moderation. In June 1852, in Hunan Road State (now Road County) adoption of Yang's opinion, established specifically intended Jinling strategic approach Wai Changsha, Wuhan grams under Jiujiang (this case Jiangxi), March 1853 occupation of Nanjing as capital, renamed as Tianjing. After getting aggressive underestimate the enemy, at the same time to open up the three fronts of the Northern Expedition, expedition and defend Tianjing, broken down into smaller force single the (history www.TodayOnHistory.com) the Taiping Northern Expedition annihilated. After the change in strategy, in the summer of 1856, the mobilization of the army, from the expedition battlefield break Qing Jiangbei, Jiangnan Camp, the military potential revival. But mishandling Leadership Group's internal contradictions lead to tianjing infighting, military forces greatly weakened, the situation is dramatically reversed. Hong Xiuquan own military adviser, hard chip dimension, and re-established in 1858, five Army commanding general system selection, reuse Wilson Chan, FURTHER young generals, the military revival. The same year the winter, the two broken Jiang Beidaying the wilderness Sanhe victory. In the spring of 1860, the adoption of dry Wang Hongren? The Prince Zhong FURTHER plan, long-range strike Hangzhou, mobilize Qing, made two broken Jiangnan Camp Dongzheng the Soviet Union, often the victory. Fielded forces organizations to save Xiangjun siege Anhui Anqing, multi siege, all divisions lost, Anqing finally in September 1861 fall. May 1862 (Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Saigon years Tongzhi first year), Xiangjun the Taiping take surrounded trend, Guoquan into to the days of the capital under. For the rush to the rescue, strict reminder FURTHER 13 King shuaibing from Shanghai, Zhejiang front line back to the aid, in the days of the capital outside with the the Hunan Army World War II 45 days, failed to break the circumference. With the fate FURTHER way of Jiangbei, not only failed to mobilize far Gongdi Xiang Army troops Fanzao to significant losses. Hong Xiuquan reclusive Tianjing, repeatedly back to the rescue from the battlefield troop movements, the strategy of remaining passive, the situation of the war thus day Organisation. In December 1863, Suzhou fall and Tianjing in critical condition. Refused FURTHER "do not go" recommendations merely self sit back and allow the Board. Died in June of the following year. July 19, Tianjing the fall of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, then report to ruin. Hong Xiuquan, a village ShuShi embarked on the road of armed struggle, the leadership of the unprecedented scale of the Taiping peasant war. Due to the lack of controlling the overall situation in the political, the ability to sustain the internal military less capable of military strategy, therefore founding funeral States, and Chief-in-one.

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