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September 17.1894-Sino-Japanese naval battle Deng Shichang he died

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(Sino-Japanese, August 18), September 17, 1894, the Sino-Japanese naval battle Deng Shichang he died.

Sino-Japanese naval battle Deng Shichang he died
Japan since after the Meiji Restoration in 1868, embarked on the road of militarism, see European and American colonialists have occupation of Chinese territory, is also eyeing on China. In 1894, the Japanese army provoked the aggression against the DPRK and China in the Sino-Japanese War. Qing government to compromise and concessions, the Qing defeat in Korea Asan. In early September, Pyongyang tight, the war appeared to be burned in China, under the pressure of domestic public opinion, (on com) Li Hongzhang had to send more troops to North Korea.
9, 17, Navy Admiral Ding Ruchang rate of completion of the Northern Fleet in the Yalu River Dadonggou Yellow Sea surface Japanese fleet suffered when the to escort reinforcements task ready to return to Port Arthur, the two sides fought a fierce battle. China has 10 warships, 12 warships, and overall it seems the two sides evenly matched. Soon as the fighting started, the coach Ding Ruchang seriously wounded, handsome flag shot down by gunfire, the mast collapsed, Fleet lost the unified command, the flagship shells also immediately run out. Very unfavorable in this critical moment, the vast majority of the officers and men of the Northern Fleet did not flinch, "Zhiyuan" tube with Deng Shichang come forward and take the initiative to take on the important task of Command fleet operations.
Deng Shichang, Guangdong Province, Panyu County. An early age, he witnessed the cruelty of the foreign invaders deeply the suffering of the Chinese nation, patriotic ideas began to germinate. The age of 14, he was admitted to Fuzhou Shipping School study, with outstanding results. After graduation, he served as the "Haidong cloud", "Zhenwei," Zhenbei "festivals" the ship pipe band, tune the Northern Fleet, Ren Zhiyuan "ship in 1879 pipe band. Deng Shichang "Zhi Shi Jing Qin", "western culture Zhanshen", usually take good care of his soldiers, lives a simple life, and thus won the men loved, was rare in the Chinese navy only. Deng Shichang heroic sea battle. "Zhiyuan" number of officers and soldiers under his command and influence in the battle was exceptionally brave. Precisely because "Zhiyuan" courage, it was shot up, bruised, and the last ship is about to run out of ammunition. Deng Shichang Linweibuju ordered full steam ahead to go, ready to die, and it hit the enemy battleship - "Yoshino". But "Zhiyuan" No. speed is nowhere near "Yoshino" fast, did not catch up with it. Finally, "Zhiyuan" No. "Yoshino" fired a torpedo hit, Deng Shichang and ship more than 200 officers and men all martyred.
At the same time, the patriotic officers and men of other warships, also fought bravely, ruthless hit the Japanese ship, the Japanese ship suffered heavy casualties, "Matsushima," Yoshino "," Hiei, " Akagi "," hibiscus "," Xijing pill "and other warships were hit, kill and wound hundreds of Japanese invaders. Sea battle, the Chinese side, although the loss of a lot of four warships were sunk, but "Zhenyuan", "" two battleship still intact Dingyuan trimmed also played.
the China majority of patriotic officers and soldiers in the Battle of Yalu River, the full performance of the heroic spirit of the indomitable fighting spirit and bloody battle in the end, the history of our country against aggression has written a dazzling one.

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