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February 1.1940-Communist China to determine the future of the War of Resistance Against Japan task

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Twelfth lunar month 24) (JiMao years, February 1, 1940, the Chinese Communist Party to determine the future of the War of Resistance Against Japan task.

1940, the CPC Central Committee issued a decision about the the currently current situation and tasks of the Party ". Which states that: friend or foe strategic stalemate, the domestic anti-Japanese progressive forces to overcome the surrender of the forces of retrogression less than capitulation and retrogression is still the main danger of the current situation. All surrender anticommunist forces to resist attack capitulators, anti-communist faction, the diehards of the attack must be in by the principle of self-defense, people do not make me, I do not prisoners, if we are attacked, I will be the principle of the prisoners resolute counterattack. Or any of its rampant, the united front will break the anti-Japanese front, we should fail.
According to this situation in the future tasks of the party is generally expanding anti-Wang anti traitor propaganda offensive against all surrender anticommunist forces; vigorously develop the anti-Japanese movement of people; conscientiously implement rent and interest reduction; consolidate and expand the anti-Japanese base; consolidate expand the progress of the army; violent development of all aspects of the united front, to consolidate the organization of the Communist Party, the party organization to develop in the absence of the party and party weak.

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