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September 17.1997-Large exposure of the former East German sports scandal

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The (Landmarks August 16), September 17, 1997, the former East German sports scandal big exposure.

1997 9 17, a German scientist and his athletes born wife claimed that they mastered a number of former East Germany's top-secret National Security Agency materials on hand, material reveals massive taking of the former East German athletes the detailed facts of stimulants.
German microbiologist Werner - Frank said in a speech in the European sports seminar held in London in September 17, these files not only include the former East German sports authorities systematically the development, testing and use of doping programs and lists the type, dosage, and possible effects of stimulants.
drug users, including some world-class former East German athletes, many of them still maintain World Records and European record. Some of the world record, completely beyond the physiological limits of the human body. Today's perspective, in the case not to use extraordinary means (such as doping), these records are almost impossible to break.
the German scientists also said he had to do an inspection of some of the former East German gold medalist body medical results confirm the material of his hands.
At the same time, Frank's wife, the former East German the famous shot put athlete Brigitte - Belem Dunkirk, recently published a new book called "doping", the book details the former East German athletes doping, and in accordance with the order of the former East German sports chronicle, almost all of the former East German sports doping athlete's name is listed.
Frank said, the key issue now is that the book listed some of the coaches and athletes, so far, is still active in Germany, Europe and the world sports.
In particular, he referred to the former East German national team to participate in the 1990 Moscow Olympics. He said: "You're just saying that a few names. They are taking a stimulant. No one wearing former Germany national team jersey athletes are not doping. "
The German scientists have pointed out:" The question now is, although the former East Germany has been the downfall, but the entire doping regime still exist. This action mechanisms, including coaches, doctors, and can not be found in modern detection methods stimulants and taking technical means. "
The German microbiologists believe that all of these materials is enough to provide sufficient evidence, so that today many of the world record rewrite. Once the former East German athletes in the world record does not count, then, today's young athletes will get a lot of record-breaking opportunities may be a good environment for fair competition no stimulants, he said. Shocked the sports sector in Europe for such a thorough plan of taking the stimulant. They say, this is undoubtedly the collective guilt of the former East German government, Frank provided a variety of programs related stimulants are made by the highest political authority in the former East Germany.
Frank and his wife be confirmed by taking a stimulant of the former East German sports athlete medals should be resumed. They also called for Europe should strengthen the sports legislation should not only illegal doping of athletes subject to harsher penalties, but the implementation of such large-scale stimulants taking plan to play an important role in this mechanism, sports officials , coaches, doctors, and others, are subject to proper sanctions. The material disclosed
Frank and his wife, in Germany may lead to a lot of new lawsuits. Currently, many of the former East German athletes in the court lawsuit against the former East German sports authorities to force them to take stimulants, they said, large doses of doping, caused serious injury to their body and leave serious sequelae.
However, the deputies of the European sports community to participate in the sports seminar said that despite the evidence fairly full, but you want to cancel a world record or the European record of the former East German athletes, now appears to be impossible, because the race drug test before the athletes after the game, and found no problems. In other words, when the drug testing of athletes are qualified, unless the athletes themselves to stand up to say, I'm taking a stimulant.
Currently, to detect doping athletes, usually fined banned for two years. However, experts believe that this penalty is too light. Such a light punishment, that some athletes think, for money and success, it is worth taking an adventure.

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