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September 25.1881-The great writer Lu Xun's birthday

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September 25, 1881 three days of August (Government House), the birth of the great writer Lu Xun. died in Shanghai,

The great writer Lu Xun's birthday
The great writer Lu Xun's birthday
The great writer Lu Xun's birthday
The great writer Lu Xun's birthday
The great writer Lu Xun's birthday
The great writer Lu Xun's birthday
The great writer Lu Xun's birthday
The great writer Lu Xun's birthday
The great writer Lu Xun's birthday
Lu Xun "target =" _blank "> Lu Xun looked at his son Haiying fifty son his happy face.
1881 9 25, is of great writers, thinkers, revolutionaries, Lu Xun's Birthday commemoration of any one of the martyrs and celebrities, are designed to inherit and carry forward their immortal spirit to inspire future generations to advance along the road they initiated to commemorate his is necessary for us to relive the wonderful article Mao Zedong, October 19, 1937, "Lu Xun" the:
today the main task of our northern Shaanxi Public School is to train the anti-Japanese vanguard of the task in front of this great national war of self-defense quickly forward when we need a large number of activists to lead, need a large number of scouring the vanguard to open the way. Pioneer molecule is frankly mind, loyal, positive and honest; They are not self-serving uniquely for national and social liberation; They are not afraid of difficulties, always steadfast in the face of difficulties and move forward; They are not arrogant molecules, is not seeking the limelight, but down-to-earth people full of practical spirit. their revolution role in the current war situation wizard plays on the road just the outright government and the army of the War of Resistance Against Japan, not the majority of the people, which is absolutely not the final victory of the protection we now need to create a large number of the struggle for national liberation in the end of the vanguard to them to lead the masses to organize the masses to accomplish this historic task. First, the vanguard of the country's majority quickly organized our Communist Party is the vanguard of the proletariat, but it is also the most thorough of the vanguard of the national liberation. To accomplish this task, we have to fighting hard in the end. (τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm)
memory of Lu Xun (history www.lssdjt.com) we must first understand the Lu Xun to understand him in the history of the Chinese revolution position occupied we commemorate him, not only because of his article is well written, and is a great writer, but also because he is the vanguard of a national liberation to the revolution a great help, he is not a Communist organization in person, however, he thought, action, writings, (TodayinHistory.cn) are Marxist. Bolshevik outside the party. especially in his later years, the performance of the young force his usual indomitable and resolute struggle against the feudal forces and the imperialist he oppression enemy, devastated his harsh environments, he endured, resistance, and hard-working public school comrades, as in northern Shaanxi in such bad material life learning revolution theory, is filled with the spirit of hard struggle all the material equipment of northern Shaanxi Public School is not good, but there is truth, freedom, and is a place to create revolutionary vanguard molecular.
Lu Xun from being routed out of the feudal society, but he would Shahui carbines, corrupt society toward his experiences over the offensive toward the evil forces of the imperialist offensive he used his a pungent and humorous, and powerful pen, painting the forces of darkness grimace paint ugly imperialist grimace, he was an advanced painter In recent years he has stood in the position of the proletariat and the national liberation struggle for truth and freedom. Mr. Lu Xun characteristic is his political vision, he observed with a telescope and a microscope society, so far-sighted, so true in 1936, he boldly pointed to the dangerous tendency of the Trotskyist culprits, now fully proved by the fact that his insights are as accurate as clear. (history com)
Lu Xun in China's value, in my opinion probably the first saints. Confucius feudal society of saints (history Today www.lssdjt.com) Lu Xun is the saint of modern China To commemorate him, set up in Yan'an Lu Xun Library, extend the run of Lu Xun Normal School, later one can imagine his great
; Lu Xun second feature is his spirit of struggle. have just mentioned, in darkness and violence into the passage, he is an independent support trees, not to the the partial down on both sides of the grass he see political direction, toward a target courageously to struggle continues, never midway surrender compromise. Some radical revolutionaries initially participate in the struggle, and later on "desertion". Kautsky Germany, Russia Plekhanov is the obvious example. lot of such people in China. As Lu Xun said, first, we are all left, revolutionary, and to the oppression to someone immediately renegade, and comrades to come up enemy to present him as a gift. Lu Xun hate this man fight with such a person, at any time he led the literary youth education training, to teach them resolute struggle pioneer, has opened its own way.
Lu Xun The third characteristic of his spirit of sacrifice he is not afraid of the enemy for his threats, inducements and the spoil, he did not avoid the edge to the blades, like the pen stabbing his hatred he often standing tough soldiers bloodstains revolt, roared forward Lu Xun was a thorough realist, he did not compromise, he has resolutely heart he article, advocates Daluoshuigou the he said, if the not Daluoshuigou Once it jumped up, it is necessary to bite you, or at least splash a sludge so he advocated fight in the end. hypocrite that he did not shed crocodile tears color. (l $ jτ.cń) Now Japan this mad dog of the imperialist, have not we lay the water, has been hit he can not stand up and exit up to the Chinese border and we should learn from this spirit of Lu Xun, and apply it to the whole of China.
above these characteristics, the formation of a great spirit of Lu Xun Lu Xun's life is permeated with this spirit, in literature and art, he has become a great writer in the ranks of the revolution is a very good experienced pioneer molecules. memary, it is necessary to learn the spirit of Lu Xun's it to the team across the country's War of Resistance Against Japan, the struggle for the liberation of the Chinese nation!
Lu Xun's first wife Zhu The safety Xu Haiying and Lu Xun, one-year-old and five-year-old "
Lu Xun, (lssjt.cn)
the ocean and its sub Zhou Haiying
< ; br> Lu Xun a friend of Feng Xuefeng one in the 1931 photo
friends to take a walk in the park
Japanese friends tea
1936 years Lu Xun died in Shanghai, but he is a far-reaching impact on China's immeasurable. (lssjt.cn)
comic pen circle Ah Q
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