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February 12.1958-Central Committee called for a national "four pests"

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In (Ding twelfth lunar month 24), February 12, 1958, the Central Committee called for a national "four pests". the car sent "four pests booty to the Fair

Central Committee called for a national "four pests"
1958 February 12, 2010, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued" About four pests hygiene instructions.
"instructions" to within 10 years or less time to complete eradication of flies, mosquitoes, rats, and tasks (lsjt.org) Sparrow (later changed to "Sparrow" "Bugs & rdquo ;), so our people turn sickly Kin-keung, turn backward for the state-of-the-art. 1958 is the first year of the big march of the country to the four pests and diseases. Grass-roots units per week, monthly inspection and assessment of the major units of time, the end of the year inspections and appraisals. Instruction after the country set off in addition to the "Four Pests" campaign.

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