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September 25.1979-Eleventh Fourth Plenary decided to accelerate agricultural development a number of issues "

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(Kang Xi August fifth day), September 25, 1979, the Fourth Plenary Session of the Eleventh "decision to accelerate agricultural development a number of issues."

1979 9 25, the Eleventh Party Plenum was held in Beijing formally adopted the decision to accelerate agricultural development a number of issues.
"decision" provisions the 25 agricultural policies and measures, including: ownership and autonomy of the people's communes and production brigades and production teams are protected by law, any unit or individual shall not be denied or infringed their interests. Any unit or individual is absolutely not allowed to call the production team of labor, land, livestock, machinery, capital, products and supplies free of charge. People's communes should conscientiously perform each according to his ability, to each according to his principle of distribution according to work. The members private plots, privately owned livestock, household sideline production and rural markets should be to encourage and support. Continue to implement the three all, team-based system. The next three to five years, the proportion of investment in agriculture in the entire infrastructure investment will gradually increase to 18%, the proportion of agricultural expenditure in the total expenditure of the State will be gradually increased to 8%. Agricultural loans from now until 1985, increased by 1 times more than in the past. Grain procurement prices increased by 20% from the market from the 1979 summer grain part plus a 50% over-subscribed, and other agricultural products prices have been increased. National food procurement indicators continue to be stable in 1971 to 1975, "must" on the basis of 50 billion kilograms from 1979. Their agricultural infrastructure. The community team new creation farmland within five years from the harvest is not taxable. Run state farms before 1985, not be handed over to the state farm profits. Rapidly increase the production of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, civil plastic, and a variety of herbicides. Actively breeding, introduction and promotion of improved varieties. Local conditions to develop the mechanization of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. The development of the production of various cash crops. Efforts to develop the export of agricultural products.

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