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September 26.1960-Kennedy and Nixon first TV debate

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September 26, 1960, the sixth days of August (Boxer), John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, the first televised debate.

Kennedy and Nixon first TV debate
Kennedy and Nixon glowing in Chicago, in the face of the panel of judges in front of the TV camera 26, September
1960, U.S. Vice President Richard - Richard Nixon and Senator John - Kennedy tonight in a national television debate of the presidential candidates clash. Performing two hours, facing many of the questions of the TV audience, the two sides first battle ended in a draw. Most of the audience said they can not say the upcoming Nov. 8 election. Voters. Unable to pay any real heat fiscal debate from time to completely happy and relaxed. Nixon condemned him his Democratic rival big spenders, taxpayers complain incessantly, said his program would cost billions of dollars. Kennedy retorted, accusing the vice president mentioned the one hour wage increase of at least one U.S. dollars to expand school infrastructure, provide medical benefits for the elderly, and so on, just open a "blank check". This debate, organized by the Chicago television stations, all major television and radio stations included in the program list. Questions to the two candidates with the CBS Stuart - Nuowen Si; Charles Mutual Broadcasting Company - Warren; (history ABC, TodayOnHistory.com), Robert - Fleming . Howard-K-Smith, CBS moderator.

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