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January 17.1991-The outbreak of the Gulf War

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Twelfth lunar month, the first two days) (Gengwu years, January 17, 1991, the outbreak of the Gulf War. the

The outbreak of the Gulf War
The outbreak of the Gulf War
The outbreak of the Gulf War
The outbreak of the Gulf War
The outbreak of the Gulf War
advancing coalition ground forces to Kuwait
1991 17 am, the US-led multinational force was made to launch massive air strikes in Iraq.
war lasted six weeks, the last withdrawal of invasion Branch army to Iraq and accept the resolutions of the UN Security Council and an end. Iraqi and Kuwaiti territory and oil between the two countries there has been a contradiction. August 2, 1990, 100,000 troops deployed in Iraq armed annexation of Kuwait. This action in Iraq trampled on international law and norms governing international relations and undermine international peace and security, and therefore strongly condemned by the international community. The international community to implement far-reaching economic sanctions against Iraq, the United Nations adopted a resolution calling for Iraq's immediate and unconditional withdrawal from Kuwait. At the same time, the Iraqi army has been gathering strength along the border of Saudi Arabia. Gorbachev, former Soviet President
the diplomacy
20 million American troops were flown in support of the troops of other countries in the Gulf region. U.S. President George W. Bush announced in early November, the force will be doubled in the coming months several powerful forces to counter Saddam invaded. Initially held hostage in Kuwait and Iraq, thousands of Western countries and foreigners of other nationalities Saddam as a hostage shield resist the multinational forces attack, but in the individual and the government was under intense diplomatic efforts, these hostages the end of 1990 have been released. Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait with the requirements of the Israeli occupied territories from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the withdrawal of hard to pull together attempt to Islamic fundamentalists and Arab nationalists pulled to the side of his career, the two camps, seems to hope that a diplomatic decision Gulf conflict is slimmer. In late November, the United Nations Resolution 678 authorizes Iraq to January 15, 1991 is yet to withdraw its troops from Kuwait, the 28-nation joint forces can use force.
Saddam's use of foreigners for "hostage Shield" after almost 24 hours
withdrawal date stipulated by the United Nations, coalition forces launched a massive attack to target Iraq and Kuwait first military center, headquarters and supply network, as well as civilian permanent facilities bombed bombing after another for more than a month. Until the end of January, the gradual loss of the Air Force Campaign Saddam huge technologically inferior military machine has been significantly effective. On February 24, the long-awaited ground war began. Iraqi resistance to fall apart in front of textbook military campaign, the Kuwait liberation on all 3 days. Coalition casualties of about 250 people, the Iraqi loss may always be a mystery, it is estimated that between 35000-10 000. The total number of multi-national forces, including U.S. Marines, including
reach of 70 people
U.S. General of the coalition forces commander-in-chief of Schwarzkopf

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