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February 12.1996-Japanese novelist Ryotaro Shiba's death

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February 12, 1996 (24) seeing in the twelfth lunar month, the death of the Japanese novelist Ryotaro Shiba.

Japanese novelist Ryotaro Shiba's death
Shiba Ryotaro (1923 to 1996), Japanese novelist. Formerly known as Fukuda given, was born in Osaka on August 7, 1923. Osaka College of Foreign Languages ​​in 1943, graduated from the Mongolian language, [L $ djτ.cōm] 1946 years into the Kyoto Japanese news agency, the two years he served as Sankei Shimbun reporter, and published works. In 1961, the life of a professional writer. Sima good at the magnificent art picture of historical events, and more clues advance written description of the decades-long history, causes and effects is relatively clear. (History www.lssdjt.com)
major works: the multi-volume historical novel "Ryoma running." (1962 to 1966) the political historical novel "lofty" (1968 to 1972), the novel "martyrdom dead" (1967),. "There" (1971), novel the Kukai style "(1973 to 1975)," Xiang Yu and Liu Bang "(1980). The short story "resourceful, good at making people" and "Lady Suruga.

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