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September 24.1973-Guinea-Bissau independent

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September 24, 1973 (on August 28 Guichou), Guinea-Bissau independent. independence "target =" _blank ">

Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau, the the Balan Te semantics" in front of the village "or" go forward. "located in West Africa, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the territory also includes coastal 60 islands with an area of ​​36,125 square kilometers. population of 1.07 million. Balan Te, Fei Lubei, Man Yake tribal official language is Portuguese, Creole General. residents believe fetishism and Islam Capital Bissau, population 190,000 national political and economic center and largest seaport. medieval local residents Africa has reached a higher level of economic and cultural level. the 1879 theory Portuguese colony. independence, Guinea-Bissau, September 24, 1973 Republic was proclaimed March 15, 1974, diplomatic relations with China. TodayinHistory.cn
mainland coastline is 300 kilometers long. mainland part of the plains below 100 meters above sea level. many rivers and lakes, Ke Luba music River, Reba River and other rivers. tropical climate. annual precipitation is 1500 - 2000 mm. bauxite, phosphate, titanium, oil and other minerals. rivers rich shipping and irrigation. abundant fishery resources. < br> Agriculture dominates the economy, residents are engaged in agriculture. agricultural products such as rice, corn, peanuts, and palm oil. cattle, sheep, pigs and other food, wood processing industry. highway over 2600 kilometers long. < ; br>

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