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January 6.1884-The death of founder of modern genetics, Gregor Mendel

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Twelfth lunar month, the ninth day) (¹ïδ years, January 6, 1884, the founder of modern genetics, Mendel's death.

The death of founder of modern genetics, Gregor Mendel
The death of founder of modern genetics, Gregor Mendel
The death of founder of modern genetics, Gregor Mendel
The death of founder of modern genetics, Gregor Mendel
The death of founder of modern genetics, Gregor Mendel
Mendel, Austrian biologist, known to the discovery of genetic basic laws. He had worked as a priest, but the results of his scientific research or research institutions. the
1822 years, (on com) Mendel was born in the territory of the Austrian Empire was located ºÕ×ȶŶû·ò City. Age of 21, he entered the the Brno monastery, and in 1847 served as priest. In 1850, he participated in the teachers' qualification examinations, it was too little without through his knowledge of biology and geology. Nevertheless, the person in charge of the monastery still sent him to the University of Vienna to study mathematics and natural sciences. Although he did not get the teachers' qualifications, but it can from 1854 to 1868 as a substitute teacher of natural science has been taught at the Brno Technical High School. And faculty member since 1856, and began Vegetative test.
1865, Mendel summary of a well-known genetic law read his essay, "plant hybridization experiments, and in Brno Natural Science Society, but did not arouse the attention of the scientific community. In the second year, he published in the journal of the Institute he got the test results. The Mendel also a paper sent to the geneticist Niji Li. Niji Li read Mendel's paper, but can not read, and therefore not possible to estimate the importance of Mendel discovered, resulting in Mendel's paper in the next 30 years is not known to the scientific community.
1868, Mendel was appointed dean of the monastery. Busy with the affairs of the monastery, he began to no longer have time to take into account his scientific experiments. January 6, 1884, death of 64-year-old Mendel, the results of scientific research have gradually been forgotten. 16 years later, in 1900, three scientists also found that the genetic laws of Mendel's research, that that Mendel's scientific discovery brought to light. Three scientists read Mendel's paper, agreed that the discovery of the genetic law should be attributed to Mendel. two
Mendelian genetic basic laws:
1. separated's law:
genes as independent units and from generation to generation. The paired basic genetic units in the cells, the germ cells of the hybrids, the genetic unit of a pair of one from a male parental, one from the female parent, gametes these genetic units are separated from each other. Modern terminology, saying: gene pairs in two genes (alleles) are located in the two homologous chromosomes paired in the process of cell parental organisms above allele separation, sexual half of the cells have some form of genes, gene having another form of the other half. Offspring formed by these cells may reflect this ratio.
2. the independent distribution law: allele of the gene on
on a pair of chromosomes can be inherited independently regardless of the alleles in the gene on the other chromosome; and containing different combinations of genes random integration of the cell with another parental cell. Mendel Lane Ming, the equivalent of a human sperm cells or egg germ cell contains only the gene of an accidental passed on from generation to generation.
Mendel's two genetic basic law is the starting point of the new genetics, Mendel was later known as the founder of modern genetics.

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