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September 24.1993-Cambodia to restore the monarchy

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On August ninth day (癸酉 years), September 24, 1993, Cambodia to restore the monarchy.

Cambodia to restore the monarchy
1993 to September 24, 2011, the Sihanouk, Cambodia Constituent Assembly adopted a new constitution has been head of state, signed the formal entry into force. Night, Sihanouk oath in accordance with the provisions of the new constitution to the throne, the king of the Kingdom of Cambodia. According to the parties prior agreement, he appointed Ranariddh, FUNCINPEC leader, as the first prime minister, the leader of the People's Party Hun Sen as the second Prime Minister, responsible for the organization of the Government of the Kingdom. After a lapse of 38 years, (lssjt.cn) Cambodia restore the monarchy. the Cambodian New Constitution
stipulates, "The King is a lifelong head of state, is a symbol of national unity, the independence of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the guarantee of the sovereignty and territorial integrity". The Constitution also stipulates that the king appoints the prime minister and the Cabinet, the supreme commander of the national army, is entitled to remission or amnesty for criminals, but "not ruling. Cambodian provisional government spokesman has explained that this is "King played the dominant role, rather than be responsible for specific management. FUNCINPEC
has the largest number of seats in the Constituent Assembly is the implementation of the proponents of the monarchy. The party said in a statement on August 24, "the people want to see the monarchy back to Cambodia for a complete end to the 20 years they were the suffering in a country without King supervision. , With an override factions above is very important for the stability in Cambodia. This is the best way to unify the country and play a role as a bridge between the hostile political parties. "
In the second plenary meeting of the Constituent Assembly held on September 15, the deputies of the draft constitution a detailed discussion and revision. States in the implementation of the draft of the monarchy of the Kingdom of Cambodia to implement multi-party liberal democracy "and" the king has no right to choose a successor. September 21, the vote is conducted by secret ballot, 120 Constituent Assembly on behalf of all present, the implementation of the new constitution of the monarchy through an absolute majority of 113 votes in favor.
Cambodia to implement the unanimous support of all political factions monarchy. In addition to participate in the formulation of the Constitution Funcinpec party, the People's Party and the Buddhist Democratic Party of Democratic Kampuchea, also announced support for a constitutional monarchy and a new constitution.
Sihanouk was an outstanding patriot and visionary politician. Cambodia's peace, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of his long-term struggle. It is clear that the new Constitution, the implementation of the core of the monarchy in Cambodia by Sihanouk as king. This is the objective needs of the situation, and is conducive to peace, stability and national reconciliation in Cambodia.
Currently, the United Nations Transitional Authority in charge of the implementation of the Paris Peace Accords ended the mission in Cambodia. However, due to various reasons, the national reconciliation in Cambodia has not yet achieved the ongoing armed conflict between government forces and NADK. King Sihanouk has made it clear that he chaired the Democratic Kampuchea factions Roundtable, in order to promote national reconciliation and the reconstruction of the country.

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