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October 3.1995-Macedonian president was assassinated injured

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(Otsugase leap August ninth day), October 3, 1995, the assassination of the President of Macedonia injured.

1995, the assassination of Macedonian President injured "target =" _blank "> Macedonian President Gligorov was wounded by the bomb on his way to work. According to Malaysia's state television reported, Gligorov has been rushed to hospital, and he was conscious. said
According to witnesses, at 10:15 on the 3rd, President Gligorov ride Benz sedan heading the Office of the President while being parked in the side of the road a remote-controlled bomb hit Renault sedans, President of the driver died on the spot, Gligorov injured; another three pedestrians were injured, there are few cars were damaged. murderer from Macedonia iron Tuowei Royce of two men have been caught red-handed.
Gligorov, aged 78 years, Macedonian President took office in January 1991. (1 $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m)

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