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October 3.1995-Simpson was acquitted

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(Otsugase leap August ninth day), October 3, 1995, Simpson was acquitted. In In 1995, after hearing more than a year, accused of double murder blacks of the former U.S. football star OJ Simpson trial occurred "target =" _blank "> Simpson in Los Angeles was acquitted, has regained his freedom In In the morning, the Los Angeles Supreme Court and the atmosphere is extremely nervous. court seized both parties as well as the families of the victims and the defendant seated early seating; buildings, crowded detectives clouds, Simpson's supporters and opponents alike poly waited at the square across the United States, from the West Coast to the East Coast, millions of viewers were waiting in front of the TV people in the eagerness to wait for the jury announced the verdict .

Simpson was acquitted
In fact, this jury of 12 people (nine blacks, two whites and one Hispanic man) as early as the day before had been ruling the 2nd listen seized both parties a few days The fierce debate on the final case, only discussed in less than four hours to make a unanimous verdict on the defendant, the speed is the jurisprudence (expert unexpected original estimates, discuss at least a few days) to give Los Angeles Police full time riot deployment, the trial judge Ito (Japanese-American) decided to postpone the day of the jury verdict announced. 3 am local time, 10:07, the court announced remarkable under: Simpson's innocence.
; Simpson household big star in the United States, is the fruitful achievements of rugby in the history of legend. diverted when he retired from the stadium after sports commentary mediators involved in show business, with great success from an impoverished background, legs malformations suffering children , into the shining star of the film, to ride Greenery stadium and robust Simpson many Americans, especially African-American worship of idols.
1994 the evening of June 12, Simpson's ex-wife Nicole (Caucasian) her white friend Goldman both with a sharp object to kill outside the Los Angeles residential, Nicole Simpson has a prior record of wife abuse, a few hours before the incident was seen with Nicole, and thus naturally into Police suspect object. police found bloodstains that coincide with the scene of the crime in his home and car, bloody socks and leather gloves found in his residence Simpson June 17 resisting arrest fled drive by Friends staged a highway for more than two hours "chasing" drama. later, he surrendered to the police and the District Attorney of Los Angeles department then double murder allegations put to him.
court full process, the prosecution requested a large number of witnesses, trying to Simpson motive and time; and they showed a lot of evidence to try to prove that the defendant does when the incident at the scene. Simpson heavily recruited blacks and whites to several renowned nationwide lawyers to form a strong defense team, known as the "Dream Team". to enable clear racist white police officer Darfur "dream team" of prosecutors led by the main defense lawyer blacks Kirkland, Man to testify to a lashed Kirkland said, often "nigger" vanguard Fuhrman with Hitler racial persecution mad he accused Fuhrman to Simpson frame, in turn, said the entire prosecution process poisoning are racist about physical evidence, Kirkland made two doubts: First, Simpson did not have time to go to the scene of the crime; (lssjt.cn) Simpson to wear on a pair of blood gloves Kirkland defense The strategy apparently worked. court debate, he repeatedly have the upper hand, and continue to narrow the distance between the same Negro members as the main jury. President (l $ djτ.ōrɡ)]
Clinton has been the OJ Simpson trial enthusiastic spectators last year he watched the live televised Simpson fled, the 3rd and watched on television the final verdict of the case. Clinton the day at the White House issued a statement, called on the public to respect the jury's verdict, at the same time pray for the families of the victims
As for the judgment of the Simpson case, fair or not, the reaction of the American public like the color black and white as different. vast majority of blacks (history cn) Simpson by white police officers framed, no sin release as it should be and the vast majority of whites believe that murder is really a Simpson are for, but the case involves money, celebrity and racial issues, the national judicial system and feeble in the face of these problems, loss of objectivity and impartiality.

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