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September 29.1998-Mao Amin tax evasion case get to the bottom

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The (Tiger August ninth day), September 29, 1998, Mao Amin tax evasion case bottom.

Mao Amin tax evasion case get to the bottom
1998 September 29, 2010, the tax authorities survey confirmed that the singer Mao Amin settled in Hong Kong tax evasion case to get to the bottom "target =" _blank "> Mao Amin during the period from January 1994 to March 1996 a total of tax evasion 271,100 yuan
September 29, 1989 due to tax evasion have been tax authorities administrative penalties singer Mao Amin, because from 1994 to 1996, he returned tax evasion by the tax authorities for investigation, the basic end of the investigation in the case recently. < ; br> tax authority investigation confirmed to: Mao Amin since January 1994 -1996 in March, the performances of China's 13 provinces in 109 games, a total revenue of 4,711,100 yuan. has completed the investigation and confirmed illegal 65 games, pay less tax 1,060,800 yuan, Mao Amin and 8 "withholding agent" (that is, units or individuals to pay compensation in the case performances Organizers or contractors, law withholding payment of tax obligations) to tax evasion and 271,100 yuan; 19 withholding agents, tax evasion 549,100 yuan; six withholding agent fails to withhold or less the amount of tax payable 240,600 yuan buckle Mao Amin
accordance with China People's Republic of Tax Collection and Administration Law, the tax authorities in September 1998 to Mao Amin its withholding agent issued an administrative decision on the handling and administrative penalties this book.
tax authorities decided, and in the case of tax evasion Mao Amin Mao Amin withholding agent common tax evasion, taxpayers Mao Amin impose the tax evaded and a fine of three times the withholding agents pursue their tax evaded, subject to late fees, impose fines of tax evaded times. < br> According to relevant laws, tax evasion behavior Mao Amin and the people involved, suspected to constitute of Tax Evasion by tax authorities transferred to judicial organs.

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