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September 25.1883-The establishment of the Russian Labor Liberation

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September 25, 1883 (August 25) ¹ïδ Emancipation of Labour was established in Russia. Tsar Alexander III, the reign

(1881-1894), the tsarist government's reactionary policies and acts of terror intensified. The revolutionary workers Cui send gradually degenerated into a reformist populists. However, the workers' movement in Russia is still forging ahead. Some people strive to explore new theory to guide the movement, one of the most outstanding Plekhanov, he began to study the Make Ma doctrine established in Geneva on September 25, 1883 on the basis of summing up the experience of the workers' movement, the labor Liberation. This is the first Russian Marxist organization. for themselves on the
Emancipation of Labour following tasks: the important works of Marx, Engels, translated into Russian scientific socialist ideology to spread in Russia; Russian life with a Marxist point of view from the theoretical analysis. Has translated and published the "Communist Manifesto" of Marx, Engels, Marx's "speech" on free trade, and Engels's Feuerbach and German Classical Philosophy "and" Russia's social problems "Marxist writings. Plekhanov wrote some publicity Marxist writings. Such as 1883's "our differences of opinion" and published in 1895, the development of one yuan history. "On the development of a meta-view of history," a book on the basic principles of dialectical materialism and historical materialism, reformist populist criticism of "subjective sociology. This work has played an important role in the propaganda of Marxism. Engels' book published in Russia is "a huge victory", Lenin praised book "trained a whole generation of Russian Marxist. "But Plekhanov and his leadership of the Russian Emancipation of Labour was established" target = "_blank"> Russian Emancipation of Labour did not socialist and workers' movement to combine, "just in theory for social democracy laid the foundation, just take the first step to meet the workers' movement. "(Lenin) This task is accomplished by the great teachers of the proletariat, Lenin ($ dj¦Ó.c¨­m)

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