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September 25.2008-Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft was successfully launched

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September 25, 2008 (Lunar August 26), the successful launch of the Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft. seven flight

Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft was successfully launched
Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft was successfully launched
God astronauts Zhai Zhigang (center), Liu Boming (right), seven achievements of Jing Haipeng
God towards the first step
of space Renmin September 28 Shenzhou VII spacecraft was successfully launched at 21:10 on the September 25, manned space flight. Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao today the publication of Bi Xiaozhe article "China into the" first step "in space", this time, multiplied by the three astronauts of Shenzhou VII Flying, not just another Chinese Flying trip - the first manned spaceflight project extravehicular activities, the first Chinese astronauts Chinese people's footprints printed in the the spacecraft the extravehicular the vast space into. the
celebrate the Shenzhou VII spacecraft astronauts return safely to

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