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September 26.1945-Hungarian composer Bela Bartok's death

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September 26, 1945 (, Yiyou August 21), the death of Hungarian composer Bela Bartok.

Hungarian composer Bela Bartok's death
Hungarian composer Bela Bartok's death
Hungarian composer Bela Bartok's death
Bartok's death "target =" _blank "> In September 1945, Bela Bartok, Bello - Bartok, one of the symphony into the folk music composer , died of leukemia, aged 64 years. (lsjt.net) He was born in Hungary last five years he spent in New York (lssjt.cn) Columbia University hired him to adapt the Yugoslav folk tunes collection has long however Bartok composer for people to miss the first and second piano concerto (1927 and 1931), the Second Violin Concerto is particularly memorable his modern style with traditional rhythm and style of integration, he completed the "the Philharmonic Concerto" (1943) in the United States during the once Association chords and dissonant sound that blends bold attempt. few people understand and appreciate it.
Bartok; Bartok
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