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September 26.1953-The death of painter Xu Beihong

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September 26, 1953 (August 19) Kimi years, the death of painter Xu Beihong. painter the

The death of painter Xu Beihong
The death of painter Xu Beihong
The death of painter Xu Beihong
The death of painter Xu Beihong
master of arts of Xu Beihong

Xu Beihong during his lifetime photo
Xu Beihong and Qi Baishi have a significant impact in modern Chinese art world, both at home and abroad enjoy the reputation of the great master. In 1895, Xu Beihong was born in a small rural town in Yixing, Jiangsu poor painter's home. Childhood, his half-tillage half-read, engaging in strenuous farm work. 13 years old, home flood, he followed father everywhere man portraits, writing couplets, completely rely entertainer living. The age of 17, his father was very ill, he alone stir up the burden of life of the family of eight people, in Yixing three schools at the same time as a picture of teachers. Three school is more than 30 miles from his home, he always walked to and from between the three schools, never reluctant to take a boat and ride. Home money to supply his reading, Xu Beihong has not been in formal schools, there can be no academic qualifications and diplomas, this frequently got ridiculed. This enables him to deeply uncertain future, inconstancy of human relationships, can not help but feel sadness welling up, like the swan goose whine was formerly known as Xu Shoukang changed to "Beihong and energies into painting, and finally became the artist Ai Hong from the state. Xu Beihong to draw horses with known to the world, is a horse of his paintings for the first time a printed publication, the first of the famous painter of the art community was also praised Ma. Xu Beihong painting horses, not only for general viewing, but mostly in order to express the mood of stagnation untold grief and patriotic worry about the world. 1932, "January 28" Incident broke out, in Shanghai 19th Route Army rose up against Japan and the people of Shanghai, Xu Beihong stimulated the patriotic fervor. Drew a proudly standing horse, named as "independent", expressed the hope of the motherland independent and powerful sense of the times, people moved and inspired. 1935, Xu Beihong painting "Horse" a painting inscribed "this go to the End of the World will stand prop sad competing cool also vain" concern for the fate of the heart and loneliness. His Sima, draw a horse in the wilderness Fen jump forepaw, question fighting "whine thinking, Jiong Li to the gray," the poem. He also drew a the gallop phase effects, die Long March, and look forward to the Chinese nation awakening rise to self-help. In 1949, the founding of New China, Xu Beihong painting gallop, entitled "Towards the Sun". War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, Volunteers painting "gallop" he also penned an enthusiastic letters. September 26, 1953, Xu Beihong, overwork, stroke recurrence died in the first half of this year, he painted two very historical significance "gallop", one is dedicated to Chairman Mao Zedong, the title " Hundred of ills final self-starting, first-looking at bright, expressed his love for the Communist Party. Another a question Shanhe battle normalized democracy, shovel best rugged Avenue flat ", which is the correct understanding of the painters of the New China, but also his lifelong pursuit of the ideal. The Xu Beihong write with ink freehand or part of the belt-shaped Qianzibaitai suave free and easy horse, and some look back Changsi, some sky, hooves smoke ....... Xu Beihong painting horses not only realistic appearance and demeanor Xiongjian, gives a sense of movement, and the noble sentiments expressed by the image of the horse he borrowed more encouraged people to forge ahead in the spirit of power and the sustenance of his works of art connotation. [L $ djτ.cōm]
1938, painter Xu Beihong in Nanyang Disaster Relief bazaar will all Maihua the proceeds go to the anti-Japanese front-line, Pictured pictures
his righteousness Exhibition < br> the Xu Beihong brush Jiangbi micro

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