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September 26.1985-The former Soviet Union for the first time to replace astronauts in space flight

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September 26, 1985 (, Yi Chou on August 12), the former Soviet Union for the first time to replace astronauts in space flight.

1985 9 26, two Soviet cosmonaut multiply "Union T-13" spacecraft returns to the ground. After landing, they feel good about themselves. The two astronauts Jani do Primakov and Grechko. Jani do cove with another astronaut Saweineihe is June 6 this year by the "Union T-13" spacecraft into space. June 8 spacecraft docking with the "Salute ¡¤ 7. (? V history today?? Com)
the Grechko same astronaut watts Hugh Beijing, Volkov on September 17 by the "Union T-14" spacecraft into space. September 18, "Union T-14" spacecraft with space flight "Salute", "Union T-13", the track of the Commonwealth realized docking. The five astronauts in a "Salute -7", "Union T-13" number, "Union T-14 No. scientific research consortium, flight eight days and nights together in geophysics, astrophysics , medicine and other aspects of the research and experimental work. Reported that the Union T-13 "spacecraft back Jani Do Primakov and Saweineihe, made the long flight and test data, as well as the result of the work of five astronauts. This is the first astronauts replaced in the Soviet Union. (History today www.lssdjt.com)

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