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September 27.1947-Mao Zemin victims

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September 27, 1947 August 13 (Chinese New Year), Mao Zemin killed.

Mao Zemin victims
Zemin was the Xinjiang provincial governor, Sheng Shi killed
in 1947, Mao Zedong's brother Mao Zemin Xinjiang warlord Sheng Shicai killed.
Zemin was born April 3, 1896, the word Yong Lian, Yun Lin was later changed. Mao Zemin childhood read-only four-year private school, childhood learning farming is a hard-working, honest farmers. Due to the influence of his father, he can write and count. Parents have died in 1919 and 1920, when Big Brother Mao Zedong engaged in revolutionary activities outside Mao Tan, (lsjt.org) brother to school in Changsha, all the housework and the burden of funding for brothers, they all fall Zemin who. His parents left over 20 acres of land planted too good, orderly housekeeping, live food and clothing for the day. But successive years of warlordism, especially the landed gentry and clan power the rampant usury, so he generates suspicion and resentment of the old society. An unreasonable thing he loved the record straight, full of heartfelt sympathy on the poor farmers, but the face of all the corruption of the old society puzzled. The fundamental reason is the Spring Festival in 1921, Mao Zedong things back home, and starts talking about the situation of national crisis, said the people's livelihood and more difficulties to the old social system is not good, only we work together to change the old society, the establishment of a new social system, the state and the nation have a way out. Home for the country to persuade Zemin homes, homes have been the people. Big Brother remarks Zemin know how to revolution, to overthrow the old regime, in order to save hundreds of thousands of poor farmers truth. But puzzled and asked: do not return home after work, how can we have food to eat? Big Brother gave about revolutionary work. Zemin also think of the family property. Big Brother said: These are easy to handle, the house can give people who lives, land species, give people time to pay off the money owed to others, they owe us written off, are not. Zemin entirely the opinion of the big brother, quickly and properly handle the housework. A few days later, with the whole family, lug luggage easy to Changsha.
first Provincial First Normal School school to any school in Changsha, Mao Zemin in Changsha workers tutorial school. In 1922, Mao Zemin in Hunan self-study University of Comrade Mao Zedong founded engaged in janitorial work. Him while working, while studying Marxism-Leninism. He thought made rapid progress, and soon, he joined the Communist Party of China. Since then, Mao Zemin threw himself into the revolution, became a professional revolutionaries, until the last sacrifice. end of
1925, Mao Zemin Guangzhou Peasant Movement of the end of the study, rushed to Shanghai, took over the CPC Central Committee and published in the issue manager, rushing to establish a distribution network in the country. Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Changsha, Ningbo has a bookstore, and even Hong Kong and Paris, France with the consignment at. In late autumn
1931, Mao Zemin responsible for the preparatory work of the first Soviet Congress, manage logistical matters. The official opening of the General Assembly in November. Decide between the establishment of a national bank, responsible for the preparatory work of the National Bank by Mao Zemin and then president. Mao Zemin served as the first President of the National Bank, and not just because of the ability of Mao Zemin work, good at entrepreneurship, honest, and also because he engaged in financial work experience. Zemin, started the work of the National Bank of facing a unified financial restructuring of the financial to strengthen Soviet Area economic construction, the protection of the arduous task of the Red Army. He began to build institutions from investigators, empty-handed, started to the official business of the National Bank, and in just over two months. Start, all the troops of the bank, only an accountant, a bookkeeper, a cashier, a tube General, even his own, including not a few individuals. Work culture to the bank is not too high, not familiar with the business, Zemin on hand to teach these comrades bookkeeping money. After the liberation has served as Governor of the State Bank Cao Ju as is his culture help to grow up. the
Zemin not only in the Soviet leadership of the bank, and first general manager of tungsten ore, expand the three mines, tungsten exports to Hong Kong. Production of 1,800 tons of tungsten in 1933, with an annual turnover of over 200 million in 1934. He also serves as one of the confiscation of the leadership of the Solicitation Committee, is to raise food, fundraising, and often went to the front-line activities with the army. In early 1934, the fifth against "encirclement" repeatedly defeat the enemy strengthen economic blockade, very difficult financial and economic situation, coupled with the bad guys disinformation trouble, notes in circulation hindered severely degrade the credibility. Zemin was in a hurry to do this time and time again he went to the front line to raise supplies, also informed the front-line troops, the confiscation of the seized materials were all shipped back to the Soviet area cooperatives. Then indicates that the the treasury out Koyo Silver Dollar open exchange of Soviet Area banknotes.
1934, the Red Army was forced to the Long March, the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of the 15 Brigade. Zemin any captain and confiscation of solicitation, deputy director of the Committee (Lin Boqu director), responsible for the entire Red Army to raise food, fundraising and supply work. The northern Shaanxi Zemin appointed Minister of the Ministry of National Economy. The end of 1937, Mao Zemin overwork, more serious stomach problems, the body is extremely weak. Central arrangements Zemin to the Soviet Union recuperate and learn, to the Soviet Union by way of Xinjiang, but in Urumqi, the plague of the Sino-Soviet border, temporarily off the lines of communication did not take place. At that time, Sheng Chinese Communist faction cadres are demanding construction of Xinjiang. Thus, the Central Committee approved Zemin and others to stay. Mao Zemin first served as Finance Minister, he served as the Home Minister, made a great contribution to the cause of liberation of the people of Xinjiang.

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