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October 3.1903-Taiwanese painter Lan Yin-ting born

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October 3, 1903 (, mao August 13), the Taiwanese painter Lan Yin-ting born.

Taiwanese painter Lan Yin-ting born
Lan Yin Ding born the "target =" _blank "> Lan Yin Ding (1903 -1979 February 4, 2011), Taiwan's well-known painter, in 1941 renamed for Dan Chuanxiu husband born in Ilan He was teacher was Kinichiro ISHIKAWA famous works include "Duckling" (1966, London, Cambridge Art Gallery). τōdāyōńhī $ τōry.cōm 1971 European Art Critics Society, as well as American Art Critics Society, he was elected to the first session, one of the world's top ten watercolor.
different from other Taiwanese painter Lan Yin-ting in the late 1960s and 1970s, worked for the Taiwan Television Enterprise (TTV) and CTS held various senior positions. addition to his paintings, literary works, "Religion and Art", "Art and Life", "Ding Lu, a small language these three books, the most well-known article has been included in secondary school textbooks
Comments: Chinese painting factions Mount Rushmore deep attainments.

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