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October 3.1998-Howard re-elected Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia

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October 3, 1998 (August 13) Tiger years, Howard was re-elected Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Howard re-elected Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia
Howard re-elected Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia "target =" _blank "> Howard re-elected Australian Prime Minister In October 1998, the Australian federal election ballots, vote count results show, according to the Federal Election Commission by the Australian Liberal Party and National Party coalition has been obtained to continue ruling as "a working majority", the current federal Prime Minister John Howard was re-elected Howard delivered a speech to supporters that night, thanks to the government's economic the support given by the reform, he said, the re-election victory is tantamount to a political statement: a courage to overcome "intimidation campaign" to implement a major reform of the party won. (history com)
; Australian national elections held every three years the Howard government was in power for two and a half years when announced in advance to the general election.
won re-election of the Commonwealth of Australia's Prime Minister John Howard announced on Oct. 17 for his second term list of the new government, compared with the first session of the Government, and little change.
attached: the Howard curriculum vitae
Howard, born July 26, 1939 in Sydney is not rich family, his father was a War of the Worlds in the old warrior, a great admirer of Winston Churchill, from the middle name "Winston" to Aiko father passed away when he turned 16 years old, leaving his legacy is industrious the virtues of hard and tenacious spirit.
in secondary school, Howard's favorite Latin, English and history, he said, Latin helps train the brain; while the English gave his eloquent talent; philosophical history of the church he resilient, with the pitch. benefit in the career ups and downs in the half. law graduate of the University of Sydney (lssdjt.cn)
, Howard had to open his own a law firm However, he is more interested in politics, he took part in the Liberal Party, and was elected Chairman of the Liberal Party of New Jersey youth, but his campaign for the efforts of state legislators defeated, this is the first time he tasted frustrated taste in 1974 he finally meteoric rise, he was elected to the federal Parliament. following year, the Liberal Party came to power, he became the Minister of Consumer Affairs, the Special Trade Minister and Treasurer. (lsjt.org)
five years he served as the Treasurer of the Fraser government years. During this time, he was the first to propose the Discussion of privatization and deregulation, and liberalization of the financial market and the labor market. Unfortunately, in the 1983 general election, the Liberal Party defeat after he was elected as the Liberal and National party alliance leaders, and participated in the 1987 general election, but the National Party split at the crucial moment, causing him to begin with. inner-party strife in 1989, he was deprived of the leadership in 1993, he in the party a comeback efforts suffered another defeat. consecutive failure to promote him learn from their mistakes, he began to observe the problem from the perspective of an ordinary person to feel the reality, get rid of some obsession with greatness and success, unrealistic. "Failure is the mother of success & rdquo ;, Howard deep feelings
Howard not only politicians, compassionate and a caring husband and loving father. every day from the office to the wife at home playing two phone calls, to release the wife the loneliness he told reporters on the first press conference after his election, his eldest son Tim and daughter Melanie Sydney university youngest son Richard is on the 10th grade, are in the learning critical period, so he is not prepared his family moved from Sydney to Canberra, he himself will most of the time in the Sydney office, he called upon the people to give to understand the hearts of all parents as loving people expressed sincere sympathy.
Prime Minister John Howard has repeatedly visited our country.

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