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October 2.1895-The Tianjin Chinese and Western Academy (Tianjin University) school

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(Yi Wei, August 14), October 2, 1895, the the Tianjin Chinese and Western Academy (Tianjin University) school.

The Tianjin Chinese and Western Academy (Tianjin University) school
1895 October 2, 2009, the the Tianjin Chinese and Western School school. Sheng Xuanhuai founded by Tianjin before Off Road, also known as the Northern West School. Separately, second two schools. A top school for the College, with engineering, electrical, mining, machinery, and the statutes of five, four-year graduation; second school for middle school and also four years, promoted to first class after graduation. Renamed the Northern University in 1903, a civil engineering, mining, metallurgy door is one of the earliest engineering college. After the liberation renamed Tianjin University.
1895, Tianjin University, formerly known as the Northern West Learning Academy was established, becoming the first university of the Chinese government-run.
the Peiyang University, the first university in modern Chinese, Tianjin University predecessor. Created on October 2, 1895 (the Northern University, founded in 1887? Pecking Sang г? Bo Chu College) was built from), the English name has for Imperial Tientsin University and Peiyang University in. Zhili Governor of Yuan Shikai the
PeiYang too any TNOC Western Learning School campus after reconstruction in 1903, renamed However, because of the time at all levels of the school system is not established, the shortage of qualified students, related laws unregulated, and thus the school buildings, curriculum, teachers, and many other less than ideal. After the establishment of the PeiYang, recruiting former Chinese and Western Academy and Naval Academy Old Boys 10 people into classes, the degree of arrhythmia are the first-matriculation tutorial general subjects. Third (equivalent to second grade), fourth (equivalent to the first year) and two classes, into law, Civil Engineering or Mining and Metallurgy specialized Zhengke Graduated to after the summer of 1905, according to the results are graded. In 1906, Yuan Shikai ordered school selection in conjunction with the Tianjin Customs Road 35 students sent to study in the United States, to 19 tuition provided by Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University three schools; 11 people continued to send the following year, another law students in The study in the United States. About study funding roughly by the the temporary tax PCT and YU Li Bureau of Mines under cope. The original students go abroad to pursue advanced studies, the school continued with newborn ascend. The timing of the first born of 1905, the Higher School of Baoding transferred to Grand School Postgraduate but general subjects unfunded, so the advanced matriculation tutorial year; beginning of the following year after the summer vacation is included in the fourth class, still three specialized Yi Xi. Since years, the Faculty cancel the official fee, big school dropout required to pay tuition fees, monthly silver fifty-two; division Fanke pay to be exempt from. include division Fanke
PeiYang in 1907, specializing in training middle school English teacher in the school in response to a small school day graduates ascend; students is reluctant to join the positive research and learning dedicated Learning preppy, graduated the 25 studies Dial Zhili in school to teach the next year. However due two, Tianjin and Baoding has established an excellent grade teacher Fanke, therefore attached to the division Fanke after which ceased operation. the
According to a survey conducted by the Faculty of 1907, PeiYang Total administrator 11, 17 faculty, law students in 32 disabilities wood families, 29 people of Mining and Metallurgy Division and 22 division Fanke, 33 people . The following year the Faculty another survey course, think that the dedicated Learning Zhengke be re-allocated, some general subjects Officer shift for the matriculation courses. To this year, is students a total of five classes, the first batch of graduates for the civil engineering, mining and metallurgy Jiaban 15 Xiaxue Cheng in Xuantong 1910,; legal Jiaban then graduated from the summer of the following year. As freshmen in 1911, only established legal Bingban and the Mining and Metallurgical Dingban Civil Dingban degree of arrhythmia, so that qualified too little, can not be established.
in 1903 the mid-1911 PeiYang course always in poor students from arrhythmia disturbance. School supervision bar was Yuan Shikai in 1906, that made it clear that the courses should rectify, faculty should Polyclinic as tertiary and secondary textbooks should test, and foreign each member should be given permission to the north and south (ocean) places should sub-naming, students Chinese should be strict indiscriminately, do not line recruit students should compliance ordered to stop other things, as an urgent need for improved big end; until 1908 Faculty survey courses missing still. These problems certainly is the late Qing Dynasty to the creation of new education just to face the challenges of the school situation of PeiYang this eight broadly as modern Chinese higher education development early examples of a good observation. 1912, renamed the Northern University; 1914 to National.
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