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February 12.1912-Qing emperor abdicated, the end of the feudal monarchy

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February 12, 1912 (Xinhai twelfth lunar month 25), the Qing emperor abdicated the end of the feudal monarchy. Zai Feng

Qing emperor abdicated, the end of the feudal monarchy
Qing emperor abdicated, the end of the feudal monarchy
Regent his son Puyi, Pujie
1912, (history cn) Empress Dowager with the Qing dynasty's last emperor, Pu Yi, the Hall of Mental Cultivation, " a bottomless pit of Gonge ", held the last to appear before the etiquette. Continuation of more than two thousand years in the history of China feudal autocratic monarchy was overthrown. (Lssjt.cn)
Revolution broke out, imperialism feel open armed intervention in the Chinese revolution has been to no avail, under the guise of "neutral", pay close attention to identify new I strongly support Yuan Shikai. Yuan Shikai ambitions attempt to rely on the support of imperialism, to exert pressure to the revolutionaries, the revolutionaries to compromise him. After Jordan, the British Minister Zhu Yuan's remarks conspired to come forward by the British consul in Hankou, the North-South the armistice meetings and recommendations to the military government of Hubei. To the armistice, the Qing emperor abdicated Yuan Shikai as president three conferences and conditions in, until the return of the Sun Yat-sen, meetings and negotiations on the British concession in Shanghai City Hall began. Sun Yat-sen against the north and south peace, announced himself as the Northern Expeditionary Army commander-in-chief on January 11, 1912, to develop the six Northern Expedition plan. Britain, the United States, Germany, Japan and countries warships entering the Yangtze River, just around the corner, caused by the situation in the upcoming "armed intervention". Very afraid of so many of the leaders of the Revolutionary Party, At this time, the interim government has just set up, the revolution is still going on, the economy is also very difficult. Imperialism and put pressure on the financial blockade of the the Southern Revolutionary Army occupation the port shore of Customs taxes, the interim government does not spend, entering into the interim government constitutionalists, old bureaucratic secretly colluded with imperialism, an excuse to be afraid caused by foreign interference, opposed to Sun Yat-sen sent troops to fight against Yuan Shikai. Including diplomatic situation forced the revolutionaries had to make concessions to Yuan. January 22, Sun Yat-sen said: Qing emperor to abdicate, Yuan Shikai declared absolutely in favor of the republic, they can resign from the duties of the provisional president, Yuan Shikai, when President. get this assurance
Yuan Shikai, and my heart settled, ordered his henchmen in the Northern Army Duan, joint issued energized, "republican form of government to take immediate", forcing the abdication of the Qing emperors. And promised to give the royal family a special "preferential treatment". "Preferential treatment under the Ordinance enacted: (1) of the Qing emperor title unchanged; (2) to give four million yuan annually by the National Government; (3) to the Qing emperor continued to hold the Palace of Heavenly Purity, and later moved to the Summer Palace; (4) the original private property by Republic of protection, and so on. On February 6, the Senate passed the "privileges Ordinance. On February 12, the last emperor of the Qing dynasty abdicated. In this way, ruled China for 268 years of the Qing Dynasty was overthrown, this is a major achievement of the 1911 Revolution.
Qing emperor abdicated the next day, Yuan Shikai statement in favor of the "republic", the same day, the Sun Yat-sen announced his resignation as provisional president. Mar. 10, Yuan Shikai was sworn in, steal the fruits of the victory of the Revolution. the lobby palace
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