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October 3.1952-British atomic bomb successfully test explosions in the coast of Australia on a boat

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October 3, 1952 the (Imjin August 15), the United Kingdom in the success of the coast of Australia on a boat test explosions atomic bomb. the

1939 years, the United Kingdom's University of Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool and Birmingham that is in full swing atomic energy research, and the help of many foreign scientists fled to Britain. May 1940, Churchill after the British Prime Minister, was established in the capital as the assistant to the Imperial Chemical Wallace Palin secret Council, code-named "Rao pipe factory. Famous Danish physicist Niels Bohr, British German "slow neutron chain reaction of bomb-making" important intelligence, accelerate the speed of the British research. In more than a year's time (history TodayOnHistory.com) British nuclear structure and for the bomb core with rare uranium isotope separation research has made significant progress.

but Britain has been the war consumed exhausted, the British government in July 1941 sent a delegation led by Australia Branch concentrated Marcus Orly Lauth visit to the United States, and urged the United States to accelerate the development of the atomic bomb. The summer of 1942, Churchill and Roosevelt met in London's Hyde Park, the decision by the United States as a research test location. But the United States refused to provide about the atomic bomb to the British intelligence. American test explosions atomic bomb successfully the direction of the U.S. side on many occasions, but still can not get the information. After World War II, the British quickly in Berkshire's scientific research base, in Cumberland City Winkle, a plutonium reactor. The first head of Sir John Cockcroft. In June 1946, K ¡¤ Fox returned to England from the United States to bear for the director of the Theoretical Department of Atomic Energy Research Establishment. In August 1946, U.S. President Harry Truman signed the McMahon Act, decided atomic bomb production monopolized by the United States, completely blocked the U.S. and British atomic intelligence channels of communication. In February 1949, Bruno Peng Tai Keer returned to England from Canada took over as head of the base of the scientific director of the office, the nuclear research work in the United Kingdom have a strong scientific and technological strength. October 3, 1952, Britain's first atomic bomb in the the shipboard test explosions success of the coastal Australia montebello, to become the world's first three countries with nuclear weapons. In 1956, the British Air Force Materiel atomic bomb. Three years after the explosion of a hydrogen bomb, the world's first the three explosive hydrogen bomb and nuclear point ability countries. [L $ j¦Ó.c¨½]
Comments: nuclear weapons threat has now become a stumbling block to the peace and development of mankind, the world have banned the testing of nuclear weapons. (Lsjt.net)

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