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October 3.1971-Bruce Lee's first martial arts movie "The Big Boss" released in Hong Kong

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October 3, 1971 (, Xinhai August 15), Bruce Lee's first martial arts movie "The Big Boss" was released in Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee's first martial arts movie "The Big Boss" released in Hong Kong
1971 October 3, 2010, Bruce Lee's first martial arts movie "The Big Boss" released in Hong Kong. .
1948, Bruce Lee guru first stage name "Bruce Lee" in the film "Little Cheung" performances from participating twenty-two in Hong Kong Cantonese films, in fine Cheung "," Thunderstorm "," The Orphan "outstanding performance of the film. 1970, (L $ djτ.cōm) Bruce Lee wives and children back to Hong Kong on vacation from the United States, "The Big Boss" starring Hong Kong Golden Harvest, is Bruce Lee's first kung fu film. Released in less than three weeks in Hong Kong reached HK $ 3.5 million at the box office, breaking the record of Hong Kong from set off a new wave of kung-fu. (? V history today?? Com)
story About
Zheng Chaoan mother sent to Thailand to work hand in an ice factory. The mother told the good fight injustice often in the local bullies and supervision humiliation to swallow, fortunate to get the help of workers stone Brother. Who knows the boss Ice under the guise of drugs hidden in the ice sales know this secret workers one by one to lay violent hands on him, even martial stone Big Brother is also dealing with the boss brutal murder.
watching workers spate of mysterious disappearances, the workers began to suspect that the factory produces and strike in protest. Mustered a gang of thugs factory in an attempt to suppress the revolt of the workers, Zheng the Chaoan finally intolerable, resorted to fast legs, sharp, to knock down the thugs one by one. Zheng the Chaoan determination to find out the truth, but the beginning was almost caught in the treacherous boss set. The boss see things brought to light, and secretly sent thugs to kill all the remaining workers, and captured a female worker. The ice plant electrical
Zheng Chaoan the middle of the night to sneak into investigation found the missing workers was frozen corpse, furious Expand punish death struggle thugs come all the thugs and bosses big sub knockout. The next day, Zheng Chaoan came to the boss at home, to repay the debt of blood to the ruthless boss, the final battle began ... the
Comments: The Bruce Lee write the word "Kung Fu" English Dictionary, authoritative international martial arts magazine "Black Belt" is rated as one of the world's seven major martial artist.

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